9 Reasons Why the iPhone 13 Pro Is Perfect for Content Creators

The iPhone 13 Pro is an undeniably remarkable phone. With tons of special features and upgrades from all previous Apple phone models, it is designed to integrate into our everyday activities and make our daily lives easier. But while it’s a great phone for just about anyone, content creators are loving it. Why?

Here are nine reasons why the iPhone 13 Pro is the perfect phone for content creators. Let’s start with the must-have basics like durability and battery life and work our way up to the content creation side of things like image processing and camera capabilities. Ready? Let’s explore.


#1 It Has Extreme Adventure-Worthy Durability

Content creators go the extra mile to capture the perfect shot. And quite often it means an adventure that can jeopardize phones. Luckily, the iPhone 13 Pro was built for these extreme adventure-worthy conditions and offers extra durability. Designed with materials like stainless steel and a tough-as-nails ceramic shield, along with an IP68 rating that makes it dust- and water-resistant, you can rest easy knowing your phone isn’t what some would call “delicate.”

Even though the iPhone Pro features the highest level of durability a phone offers, it doesn’t hurt to add a second layer of protection. Choose a shock-resistant iPhone 13 case or iPhone 13 Pro case that suits a sustainable lifestyle and reduces single-use plastic waste. Don’t forget to protect your other iPhone accessories and pick up an AirPods case cover, too.

#2 The Amazing Battery Life Keeps You Cord-Free

Another awesome feature of the iPhone 13 Pro is its amazing battery life. With 22 hours of video playback, 20 hours of streamed video playback and 75 hours of audio playback, you can watch your content and shoot and edit it on the go exactly the way you want it.

#3 Ample Storage Space for When You Need a Backup Plan

The iPhone 13 Pro comes with 1TB of storage space. For content creators, this means you can record and store thousands of HD images and videos on your device. Even if you are far from civilization and trekking off-grid during your adventures, without an iCloud network in reach, it will be saved.

#4 It Has Incredible Super Retina XDR Display

The iPhone 13 Pro features the ProMotion, a new Super Retina XDR display that increases frame rates. Sounds awesome, but what does this mean for content creators exactly? Well, it means that you can edit via programs like Photoshop and Adobe Rush seamlessly. No more dragging or lagging. And only top-notch graphics performance, thanks in part to the 5-core GPU graphics processing unit, which offers a 50 percent faster smartphone chip than other phones.

Along with this ProMotion and a 5-core GPU chip for faster processing comes a brighter display. The iPhone 13 Pro offers stunning colors, capturing details of subtle tones and more. It offers a 25 percent brighter display outdoors so you can see what it is you’re capturing.

#5 Say Hello to an Ultra-Wide Camera with Sharper Zoom and Macro Shots

The iPhone 13 Pro features an Ultra Wide camera but with a few updates that are perfect for content creators — namely, the autofocus system. With this powerful combination and redesigned lens, the iPhone 13 Pro can take faraway shots with its 77 mm focal length and 3x optical zoom and still turn out crisp and in-focus. In fact, the iPhone 13 Pro can even take Macro shots up to 2cm away, providing your content with tiny details that tell part of the story.

#6 You Become a DP with the Cinematic Mode

Another reason why the iPhone 13 is perfect for content creators? The new Cinematic Mode. The iPhone 13 Pro Cinematic Mode essentially adds a dramatic touch to photos and videos by shifting focus and creating depths of fields. The hardware is so smart it can detect your moves, shifting focus as various subjects enter closer into the frame. It’s like having a Director of Photography inside your phone, guiding the camera assistant and boom operator to your every command.

#7 It Illuminates Shots with a Better Low-Light and Night Mode

Night Mode is offered in many Apple Pro models, but it just got a lot better. With the Ultra-Wide camera lens, the iPhone 13 Pro’s wider aperture and large, fast sensor can capture 2.2x more light (92 percent more light to be exact). This means that even under low-light and dark conditions, it will still light up the shot as if you had a professional photographer’s lighting equipment on standby.

#8 Jump in with Ready-Made Photographic Styles and Presets

Tired of switching to a second and third additional app to get the aesthetic you want for your Instagram account? With the iPhone 13 Pro, Apple has done half the work for you. Cut down on editing time with the iPhone 13 Pro’s Photographic Styles. The ready-made presets that you’ll find in the Photographic Styles offer various settings that can be locked and applied immediately to your photos. But it does so much more than add a simple filter. Using the Photographic Styles will still make your photo look natural without drastically altering things like skin tone. Choose and fine-tune an existing preset or create your own settings and preferences for Tone and Warmth, which are applied to each photo you take.

Need more stylization? Choose from several social-media-ready iOS apps like Cameo by Vimeo, FilmoraGo, VSCAM and iMovie to perfect your images and videos before posting to your followers.

#9 A TrueDepth Front Camera Creates Stellar Selfies


Take all the previously mentioned camera upgrades and add them to the TrueDepth camera, too. The TrueDepth camera compiles all the latest camera features — Cinematic Mode, Night Mode and Photographic Styles — and adds it to the front-facing camera for those amazing selfie shots. Content creators can take snapshots and videos of themselves to post to Instagram, TikTok and more to keep their audience engaged.

The iPhone 13 Pro: Apple’s Best Phone for Content Creation

These are nine reasons why the iPhone 13 Pro is perfect for content creators. But the iPhone 13 Pro and even the more affordable model, the standard iPhone 13, has a lot more going for it, too. The camera is truly something special and packs a ton of power that can enhance and elevate photography and content creation. But it’s not for everyone. Compare the different iPhone 13 models that Apple has to offer to decide if it’s right for your needs.

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