Hey there, a very warm welcome to Mr. DeTechTive! 🙂

What is Mr. DeTechTive?

Started in August 2017, this blog is dedicated to solving the issues and sharing the best technology and gaming knowledge you will find out on the web. From detailed How-To Guides, Kodi Guides, Website Alternatives, Error Fixes & Troubleshooting Guides to Gadget Reviews, Comparisons, Infographics and the Latest News, we have it all.

My primary aim is to help you all by sharing knowledge I’ve gained (from experience) and making sure you don’t have to go through the bulls*it which I went. So yeah, you can trust me and the stuff I recommend, since I actually use it all.

Who am I?

I want to keep my identity private (just for fun), so you can call me ‘Mister‘. I am from India in my 20s and a Computer Engineer. I love to meet new people belonging to different countries/cultures, listening to EDM is one of my favorite pass-time, I party hard AF and also love to explore different corners of this beautiful earth!

My blogging journey has been bumpy, I started back in 2009 and took a break the next year since I couldn’t concentrate on my studies. Till 2015, I used to write content for different clients/websites and make a living.

Now, I am a full time blogger and I create websites on topics which I love. I love surfing the Internet, gadgets and solving ANY issues related to Technology, so if you are facing anything, just holler at me and I will try my best to help you out!

Currently, I am the only one who writes here but I aim to expand by hiring some like-minded tech enthusiasts (and cool obviously!)or YouTubers who would like to share awesome content (which meets the standards) on my blog.

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I hope you have a fantastic time over here and together we rock the world. Cheers! 😀