According to a new survey, 61 percent of Americans may buy cryptocurrency in 2022.

According to data released by crypto platform Voyager Digital, over two-thirds of Americans are bullish on cryptocurrency App, expecting it will appreciate in value by 2022. The first annual Crypto Confidence Survey, conducted by the publicly traded cryptocurrency platform, looked at Americans’ experiences with cryptocurrency as well as their predictions for how it will perform in 2022.

The United States is far ahead of many other countries when it comes to cryptocurrency, and it is working hard to maintain that position. The United States’ virtual currency law is a financial rule that governs virtual currency transactions within the country. Virtual currencies as commodities are regulated by the Commodities Future Trading Commission, which will continue to do so. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States has deemed cryptocurrencies to be securities, implying that existing securities regulations will apply to digital assets. The US is also developing legislation to regulate cryptocurrency trade and exchange.A section on bitcoin has been included in the Treasury Department’s tax proposal. According to the proposal, all crypto transactions for more than $10,000 in fair market value must be reported by exchanges. Although its securities legislation is stringent, it is in place to protect the country’s investors. In the country, there has been an increase in demand for digital assets. This is confirmed by a new poll done by crypto platform Voyager Digital. According to the poll, nearly two-thirds of Americans (61%) plan to buy digital assets this year.

When the survey’s findings were broken down, it was discovered that nearly two-thirds of respondents identified as crypto bulls, with 61 percent indicating that they intend to buy crypto this year. This was a significant increase from a previous survey, which found that only 27% of Americans planned to invest in crypto in 2021.

When asked if they would have preferred to learn about cryptocurrencies sooner, the data shows that 66 percent of Americans believe it should be taught in high school or even earlier, with 33 percent believing it should be given to pupils even earlier, in middle school or before. The level of investment was shown to be reliant on the respondent’s grasp of cryptocurrencies, with many willing to invest more if they had a better understanding of the digital asset. If they learned more about cryptocurrencies, half of the participants said they would invest more.

Participants in a survey on how they would rank crypto vs buying mutual funds, flying, buying a new car, buying a new house, and starting a new relationship favoured buying crypto over buying mutual funds, flying, buying a new car, buying a new house, and starting a new relationship. According to the survey, millennials account for the majority of the 43 percent of Americans who feel bitcoin is the future of money, with 59 percent, Gen Xers with 46 percent, and Gen Zs with 41 percent. According to the survey, the millennial generation is a major driver of cryptocurrency adoption, with 82 percent of them thrilled about bitcoin’s ability to lessen dependency on banks, and the same amount enthused about the idea of being able to pay for a cup of coffee with cryptocurrency. 67 percent of them wish to learn more about cryptocurrency, and 41% of them acquired cryptocurrency in 2021 instead of mutual funds (23%) or new cars (27 percent ).

Stephen Ehrlich, CEO of Voyager Digital, said in an interview with ZDNet that customers see cryptocurrency as an investment that will improve their lives and the globe in the long run. “I think customers look at it as a long-term investment,” he added of cryptocurrencies, “and that there will be a development of technologies built on blockchain.” He emphasized the word “evolution,” emphasizing that it would be an evolution rather than a revolution. If you believe in evolution, it may be described as an ape-to-man transition.

According to new data from Arcane Research, the United States dominates the Bitcoin trading market. The United States accounts for 43% of Bitcoin’s average 24-hour trading volume this year. The biggest danger for for US investors is not market volatility, but not investing in crypto at all.

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