Air Compressor Versus Tire Inflator – Which One Should You Get?

There are different methods of pumping air into tires and other items, however the two obvious tools are air compressors and tire inflators. There are a few key variances between the two, primarily in the pressure you can generate and in size. Your requirements will regulate which one is best for you. Here are some key characteristics of both to help you decide on which one will best suit your needs.

Air Compressor

  • Air compressors is used for pumping air, and usually contain a tank and run from AC that comes directly from the wall outlet. You get smaller sized units generally found at gas stations or significant models used in factories.
  • They come in a comprehensive selection of sizes and can be used for various tasks around the home. Some can be used with a nail gun, or for blowing dirt and dust from engine compartments, or for filling tires.
  • They are larger and heavier than inflators and generally work with pistons to compress air. Therefore, more power is required to generate more pressure.
  • Some models work with a rotary screw.
  • Air compressors often necessitate wall outlets, however the lighter models run off a 12-Volt cigarette port outlet in a vehicle.
  • Larger air compressors are used in a garage but are less portable than the lighter tire inflators.
  • Air compressors offer easy to use resources of power that is not just used for filling tires, but for air brushing, powering nail guns, and more.
  • Air compressors work must faster than the smaller tools and generally don’t use batteries that must be charged. You can utilize them in a vast variety of settings and for various applications. If you’re a petrol head, you’ll find that this is a vital piece of equipment in any garage. Have a look at this article on DamnTools for more comprehensive information on air compressors and tire inflators.

Tire inflators

  • Similar to what the name proposes, the main function of tire inflators is for inflating your tires. They are referred to as the smaller cousins of air compressors, but with more dedicated function. The best thing about these portable units is that they are equipped with additional features such as emergency signals, flashlights, or USB ports.
  • These models are typically 12V and a cigarette port in a vehicle can be used to run them. Some come with batteries that are chargeable to enable you to use them without the need for a power cord.
  • Combination sets can be bought with an additional jump starter.
  • The general idea behind tire inflators are a more portable option than an air compressor you would purchase for a garage or home. The larger compressors come with tanks and wheels, etc, therefore they’re not necessarily built to be stored in a trunk.
  • Tire inflators are smaller, lighter and work well when you’re looking for something to keep in your vehicle for emergencies.
  • With a combination unit you can inflate a flat tire, charge your phone or start a car battery. You can also caution passing motorists with the red warning light. Most inflators have carry cases to keep everything stored tidy and neat.

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