20 Sites Like KissAnime: Latest Alternatives [2017]

If you are an Anime lover, I am pretty sure the first website that comes to your mind is KissAnime. But what’s the second, third and so on? Well, today I am going to share 20 free KissAnime alternatives which you can use if in case it’s not working well for you any day. Anime, being an ever-evolving genre has tons of fans around the world across all age groups. There are a lot of sites like KissAnime and I have compiled the whole list here for you guys, so bookmark this post to quickly access them when in need.

Missing episodes on TV, hating advertisements and odd timings, all these can be a headache and being a super fan of Anime series’ and movies, you surely need to know some great websites to watch Anime online. Let’s have a look at the alternatives of KissAnime and their uniqueness to offer us.


20 Websites Like KissAnime

Here’s a list of 20 best alternatives to KissAnime which I have found which I would like to share with you all. I am gonna talk a little about each one of them and their good and bad. So sit tight and enjoy the rest of this post, it’s gonna be fun!

1. 9Anime.to

If you are an Anime lover, you will definitely love the site and its user friendliness. There are a number of anime that you can watch here at a higher resolution. It means the quality won’t be compromised at all. This is true for most of the videos. The problem of buffering is quite common and we tend to lose our patience when we watch a video. This won’t happen with 9Anime. You can watch high resolution videos without lagging and buffering. No more ad pop ups bothering you as you will have only two in twenty four hours.

There’s more to surprise you. The loading ability of the website is faster than other competitive websites. For seamless video watching experience, trust 9Anime which is one of the best in its kind.

2. MasterAni.me

There are a few websites with a dark theme that supports your eyes and viewing ability. There are also filters that you can use to search high quality videos in the fastest time possible. You will love the video watching experience on this website that will leave you speechless for no matter what duration you watch an Anime for. You can continue watching videos for hours and you won’t feel the pain. The website also works like a reminder to the Anime series that will be launching soon. You can look forward to them.

3. Daisuki

Looking for the best streaming quality? Daisuki is the name that will leave you speechless. Anime videos give you an amazing experience when the video quality is not compromised. The best part about the site is that it is not illegal but a legit site. This gives you the freedom to watch a video without any fear of piracy. You can watch videos without any registration. With registration, you get a few browny points that you can’t miss.

4. Anime Planet

A site that has a good collection of old and latest anime, Anime Planet promises you of quality with a superb experience. The speed is impeccable and therefore, is the quality of the video great. You can search any Anime by its name and you are sure to find it. Read Manga and get the site working. The website has a collection from the year 1950.

The search procedure is easy. You can search using the alphabet and save time. It is no less than an ocean of Anime. Browse and watch innumerable Anime and never run out of videos.

5. AnimeLab

Looking for a legal Anime Video site? Your search ends here as AnimeLab is the site that can guarantee you of top quality videos legally. While you pay for a few, some of them can be streamed for free. You save money. It is, therefore, one of the most budget friendly websites too.

There are two plans available; one is the basic and the second one is the Premium. Subbed as well as dubbed versions are to watch for in the premium membership.

6. Viz

Viz is an excellent companion for Anime & Manga lovers. It’s a community based website which publishes the latest news about the latest Anime series and much more. You can watch all new series, classic favorites and everything in between.

You can stream totally for free and even create your own collection so that you don’t have to come and search for what you were watching. You can even download the digital seasons, episodes. Cool one, right?

7. GoGoAnime.io

Some of the best features are available for Anime lovers in this website. You can watch any Anime, video or even Manga movies online. You need not pay for watching them. Tired of watching Anime with subtitles? Do the subtitles annoy you? It is time for a change. You can watch all the Anime with your favorite English subtitles.

No more subtitles to appear on the screen while you are watching your favorite video. Watch in your language and enjoy the essence.

8. Anime Season

Fans of Anime series will love this website for the ease of watching and enjoying almost all the series with no inconvenience. The website looks clean and easy to identify which is where. In short, it is absolutely user-friendly and convenient to browse through.

You must be careful while browsing through the videos as the videos are streamed by an external party. Anime Season will not be liable for any issue that may crop while you are browsing the videos.

9. Funimation

Being the largest Anime website in North America, Funimation has a lot to offer to its Anime followers. The site is mobile friendly too. In case you are traveling and you have an important season or episode to watch, you can do that.

The only point to remember is the login details of your Funimation account. I hope you remember that for faster watching of the videos.

10. Baby Anime

This website is meant and designed for little kids mainly. You will have the best viewing experience. In fact, while you are watching a video, you can navigate to another video. Isn’t that convenient? Yes, it is that simple to use even for a first time user.

11. AnimeUltima

For a faster and smarter watching of videos, Animeultima is one of the best. You will have the best videos in store to download and watch. You can also find a number of classic and old Anime. You won’t be disappointed with the video quality which is decent.

12. Animeheaven.eu

Something that can make your boring journey into a memorable and interesting one is Anime. Download and watch Anime with no trouble in downloading. Anime heaven is a site that has some of the best Anime online for you to choose from. The picture and video quality are surprisingly good unlike other websites with similar features.

The seamlessness of the website will make you trust only this for watching videos and Anime.

13. ChiaAnime.tv

Not just Anime, you will find all kind of videos here; ranging from Manga, Drama etc. It is so user-friendly and easy to navigate that the videos are uploaded episode and season wise for a better experience.

You may not have everything on this site, yet the quality will make you come back again. You can request a show that you want to watch and it isn’t available on the site.

14. AnimeFreak.tv

The videos found on this website are of top notch quality and you wouldn’t trust other sites but this. Something that can bother you for sure, are the ads that may pop up frequently. This may compromise the experience but not the quality of the video.

On the other hand, you will find exclusive Anime on the website. This is one of the reasons; Anime fans follow this site more.

15. Crunchy Roll

Founded in the year 2006, the website has become a sensation among the fans of Anime. The highlight of this site is that it has 20 million users and counting. This is a huge success and it is the videos and the quality that has made the site such a successful one.

The video on demand feature supports their mission to reach out to every fan and giving emphasis on customer service. Browsing without registration is another cool feature. You can choose from 800 anime, 200 Asian dramas and 50 Manga titles.

16. Anilinkz

People who don’t find a particular Anime on other websites, they can definitely find it on this site. It has a huge collection of high quality videos and Anime that one can go crazy over the collection. There is no mandatory policy of registration to watch the shows. It is your choice and you also get notified of upcoming anime. Isn’t that a cool feature?  Choose your genre and find your favorite Anime.

17. AnimeStreams.tv

You can watch all the Anime dubbed in English. It has the feature of requesting an Anime to be uploaded. English subbed movies are also available on this site. For the non-Japanese speakers, it is a great site as most of the videos are dubbed in English for better comprehension.

The site is easy to browse through and has a wide collection of videos and Anime.

18. AnimeTake.tv

It is a website that will let you access only if you don’t have an ad blocker installed. If it is installed, you will definitely face a problem. You can watch videos and anime here easily and the video quality can range between 720p and 360p.

Although, not as popular as other sites, it has been making its presence being felt recently with more videos being uploaded.

19. Good Anime

We know the pain of exhausting internet data by watching Anime from sites. Hey, wait! Don’t assume that all the sites have the same feature. Good Anime is truly good. You can watch a number of Anime without using much internet data. It is data friendly. The quality of the video may not be that ace but you won’t have any issue with the buffering.

Watch videos and Anime seamlessly and saving more data. How much better can it get?

20. AnimeShow.tv

It is another popular site used to watch Anime and Video. Mirrors are used to watch videos on this site. This may be the reason a few videos might not work that effectively. This is a highly competitive website and a trustworthy one for Anime download.

Anime is just a site away and that site is Anime Show.

Final Words

So what are you waiting for? Grab those earphones, plug in and go to any of the above amazing Anime websites to stream your favourite series now. I would strongly recommend the top 5 from the list as I personally just jingle between them when I feel like using a KissAnime alternative.

Also adding, having a strong Internet connection helps to enhance the online viewing experience since there won’t be buffering or any other issues. That’s it, I hope you liked reading this piece I wrote. Please comment down your queries if any, I will get back to you asap. Do share this huge list of sites like KissAnime to help your fellow buddies as well. Cheers and have a good day!

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