How to Backstab in Dark Souls 3 [GUIDE]

Dark Souls 3, a role-play based action game for PS4 & Xbox One by Bandai Namco Entertainment is their fastest selling game. From weapons to shields, it involves full fledged fights with the enemies. You can also peform some spells to create magic. Well, if you are reading this article, you are most probably already playing this fantastic game. What if I tell you that if you know how to backstab, you can do some pretty high damage to your enemies?

Today, I will be sharing a small trick which can be really helpful for you while fighting your enemies. I have recently learned how to backstab in Dark Souls 3 and I was surprised to see the critical damage it did to the enemy. This will be a quick guide from me to make sure that you know all about this ninja technique and get those points which you deserve. It might be quite easy to use the controls but to perform it effectively, a perfect strategy is necessary. Let’s get started!


What is Backstab Attack in Dark Souls?

It is a type of dangerous attacks in Dark Souls, II & III. They deal with high damage depending upon the weapon used and it’s critical rate. Two players or monsters can backstab a single target at once. However, the timing and positioning should be very accurate while doing so.

Once a Backstab is initiated, it cannot be stopped. While you are backstabbing, the enemy as well as your character are granted indestructible frames and they can’t take any more damage except damages like being under posion, while using the internal power or under the lethal effects.

Enemies That CAN Be Backstabbed

If an enemy can be riposted or parried, it cab be backstabbed. The humanoid enemies can be backstabbed and few enemies like Fang Boar (the one in Undead Parish) which is non-humanoid, can be backstabbed as well. Though enemies which are non-humanoid cannot be backstabbed generally.

  • Forest Hunter Thief
  • Forest Hunter Bandit
  • Forest Hunter Knight
  • Hollow Thief
  • Painting Guardian
  • Balder Knight
  • Silver Knight

Here’s the full list of enemies if you wish to know if a particular enemy can be backstabbed or can backstab, check their abilities and characteristics from their page.

Weapons That Cannot Backstab

  • Crossbows
  • Bows
  • Catalysts
  • Shields
  • Pyromancy Flames
  • Whips (Can Backstab in Dark Souls 2)
  • Talismans

Difference Between Dark Souls I, II & III

Though the difference between all 3 games is very little, players have been reporting that it’s quite harder to do this in Dark Souls II. Getting closer to the enemy’s left shoulder helps in Dark Souls II & moving towards the right shoulder of the enemy helps in Dark Souls. The backstab window is a bit narrow in the second version according to some gamers.

How to Backstab in Dark Souls 3

Backstabs can be performed using almost all the weapons apart from the ones listed above. Now, you may think you will be able to do this easily yet there are some things which are important to keep in mind while performing a backstab. Here they are:

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Backstabs work on humanoid enemies
  • Enemies must be on roughly the same level surface as the player
  • You will have to drop your shield to backstab

Steps to Backstab

  • Get right up behind the enemy you wish to backstab
  • Now line your sword up, rather than aligning your body directly behind them
  • Once in position, hit the Light Attack button (R1 or RB)
  • Your character will perform the backstab animation and make a large critical damage to the enemy

Note: If you do not drop the shield, only a light attack will be performed on their back.


The Backstab is a very useful attack in Dark Souls III. These can be used not only on the normal enemies but also on some of the bosses. So, if you have the chance, just let the sword all the way up your enemy’s back to do the most damage.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to backstab in Dark Souls 3. Start using this amazing technique and fight your enemies by hurting them more accurately. Feel free to comment below any questions you have, I will be happy to answer them. Cheers!

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