Best 40” Samsung TVs

If you want to upgrade from your 32” TV to a bigger screen that makes your living room livelier, then a Samsung 40” TV is all you need. Samsung has been in the TV industry longer than most of these other brands and you can be sure you are getting real value for your money.

Reputed for setting the pace for technology, you can never go wrong with a Samsung TV. Here, we will show reveal to you some of the best-choice 40” Samsung TVs to choose from, and also highlight what features qualify them to be the best.

However, we’ll take a quick look at the features to look for while shopping for a great Samsung TV.


Input and Output:

The Samsung TVs could be used for various entertainment purposes. It is, therefore, extremely critical that you check the number of HDMI, USB and other input and video output ports before you make any purchase.

It may be quite frustrating to reach home only to realize you only have a single HDMI port in your TV. If you do not like interruptions like changing cables every time, you better look into this.

Operating System:

In the near past, few TVs had an operating system at all. However, with the growing popularity of Youtube and Netflix, there has been a major technology shift to accommodate these platforms and streamline entertainment.

While shopping for a smart TV, always ensure it has some a smart TV operating system if you need an optimized home entertainment experience.  Samsung’s Tizen OS is a great one to get you there.

Full HD &Ultra HD:

If you are in it for quality images, you’ll need the Ultra HD and the High Dynamic Range (HDR) TV. This way, you are capable of watching your movies and songs in crystal-clear 4K.

Now, these are our top Samsung 40” TVs.


This 40” Samsung smart TV features a 1920 x 1080 resolution, a motion and refresh rates of up to 60Hz and 60CMR respectively. Similarly, it comes fitted with 2 HDMI ports, 1 Ethernet, 1 Audio/ Mini Jack port and even the USB port.

You could pretty much find all the finer details from this Samsung UN40J5200 review to get a glimpse of the TV’s Eco sensor and Wide Color Enhancers among other amazing features.

2. 40” Samsung MU7000

This 40” MU7000 is currently one of the best TVs you could gift yourself. Its uncompromising quality build coupled with the latest Tizen-based Smart Hub will absolutely revolutionize your viewing experience.

Its 4K resolution and HDR capabilities make it one of those TVs that will absolutely keep you entertained better for longer.

3. 40” Samsung KU7000

If you would want to get the same vibe as the MU7000 model but at an affordable price, this is the best Samsung model for you.

Coming with a sleeker design, this 40” TV offers you clearer resolution, 2 HDMI ports and an Ultra HD display. Similarly, you could seamlessly stream videos from a smartphone wirelessly to beam them right on your screen.

4. 40” Samsung 6300

This Samsung TV model may be rare in the current market. However, it is one of the most affordable models offering just about all the features found in the Samsung KU7000. Weighing just 7Kgs, this is a great bargain, especially with its 3840 X 2160 pixels and the 120 CMR refresh rate.

Samsung is a great place to start hunting for a new TV based on the performance of these TVs, and also their compatibilities with various input/output and wireless connections. Similarly, it is a better vendor who offers much more affordable products without compromising on quality.

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