How to Cancel CBS All Access Subscription [GUIDE]

With over 9000 episodes of NCIS, the Restless, The Good FIght and more TV shows which the Americans love, CBS All Access is one of the best video streaming service similar to Netflix and Hulu. On top of the regular originals and TV shows, CBS All Access also allows you to stream the NBA and NFL games live. It works on Apple TV, Xbox One, Chromecast and Roku enabled devices as well. This guide will be primarily focused on how to cancel CBS All Access account subscription.

The subscription fee is pretty low as compared to all other online streaming services. There is a free 7-day trial and a $5.99/mo fee or $9.99/mo (commercial free) subscription plan. In September, CBS All Access’ revenue doubled up when Star Trek: Discovery was released, and their viewer base increase by almost 2.5x. Though if you just use it for watching particular football seasons, you can cancel the access and resume it again later on.

So I decided to put together this guide on how to cancel CBS All Access subscription on PC, iOS device or using Roku.


1. Cancel on Windows PC

If you took your CBS All Access subscription through the company, you can perform all activities (cancelling, renewing, modifying) by logging into your account on their website. Follow the below steps to do so:

  • Log-in to your CBS All Access account by visiting this link
  • Once logged in, go to “My Account
  • Find “Cancel My Subscription” option on this page and click on it
  • You will be taken to a page with T&C to confirm your decision
  • Fill in why you are cancelling the account and click on Confirm

A good point to note here is that if you decide to cancel the subscription right in the first week. You will be allowed to access all the content until the end of the month before it expires.

2. Cancel CBS All Access on iPhone, iPad or Mac

Apple allows you to manage all your subscriptions via iTunes. It has your payments and credit cards information as well, so you need to use it for cancelling CBS subscription.

On Macbook or iMac

  • Launch iTunes
  • Log in to your account using your Apple ID (skip this step if you are already logged in)
  • Select “Account” and then click on “View My Account
  • You will be asked to enter your password, once done click on View Account
  • Select “Settings” >> “Manage” (next to Subscriptions option)
  • Find “CBS All Access” from the list, tap on it
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription

On iPhone or iPad

  • Go to Settings >> iTunes & App Store
  • Log in using your Apple ID (skip if already logged in)
  • Select Subscriptions and then choose “CBS All Access” from the list
  • Select Cancel Subscription, you are done!

You need to resubscribe in order to access content once your billing period ends. Same rules as earlier apply here!

3. Cancel CBS All Access on Roku

If you are a Roku user, then you need to access the Roku Channel Store or the website in order to cancel CBS All Access account. Follow the below steps to execute this:

  • From the main screen, go to the Roku Channel Store on your device
  • Select CBS All Access from the channel list
  • Now select Manage Subscription
  • Finally, select Cancel Subscription from the list of options

Alternatively, you can also go to the Roku website and cancel your CBS subscription.

Watch this video if you are a Star Trek fan… it’s fun!


Final Words

CBS is one hell of a service which I have been using over the past 2 years. And in my experience, it is a great place apart from Netflix or Hulu. Some primetime shows are exclusive here on CBS and you won’t find them on any other services.

If you are a NFL freak and like to binge watch the older shows like Star Trek or The Price is RIght and more, CBS All Access is the real deal. But yes, after a while, it all becomes monotonous and it’s important to keep a check on your expenses online.

I hope this guide on how to cancel CBS All Access subscription was easy for you to follow. Feel free to comment below if you are stuck somewhere. Also, do let me know if you want me to solve any particular queries or write a guide on. I look forward to your feedback, cheers!

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