Cheap Coolers on the Market

Coolers have become a necessity in this day and age. It is a must-purchase for individuals who love traveling outdoors. It keeps the edible carried cool, safe and long-lasting for it to be consumed later. The increased demand have urged a number of brands to manufacture different coolers to cater distinct preferences of the consumers.

From the lowest quality to the longest ice retaining coolers, there is all sorts of coolers available in the market. Yeti has always been prominent in the market, nevertheless, here are some other coolers that holds ice in the most optimal manner:

Pelican Elite

Pelican Elite is the number one choice for most of the customers. It is an affordable alternative for other popular but expensive brands. In terms of ice retention, it tends to overcome most of the brands. Coming at a cheaper rate, it features thick handles to ensure proper grip. It is a durable option to consider with extra storage. It is an ideal purchase for individuals who love to visit outdoors on a frequent basis.

Engel Deep

Due to its ability of ice retention, Engel Deep has made it to the list. It has several layers of insulation to keep the things carried in the container as safe as possible. It is easier to carry due to the light weight. It is a combination of all the features that an individual needs in a dream cooler. It has a streamlined design which makes it easier to store things. Consider this cooler as one of your priorities.

Orca Cooler

The rate of Orca Cooler for ice retention is pretty much high compared to other standard brands. It features a great look, however, it tends to be slightly expensive than the above-mentioned coolers. When it comes to this cooler, it is available online as well. Good discounts can be scored on online platforms such as Amazon. If you are a hiking or camping fanatic, then Orca may be your best companion.

Canyon cooler

Canyon coolers are consider better than most of the brands due to its thickest insulation. It has a wall thickness of 2.75 inches. The lid stands at 3 inches thickness. When it comes to ice retention, Canyon performs remarkably in this context. Moreover, the latches are easier to use. It even maintains the grip in cold weather. One of the reasons why these brands are recommended for purchase is that it offers lifetime warranty.

Siberian Cooler

Siberian is one of the best purchases you can make within a minimal budget. This is a great cooler to purchase that performs exceptionally when it comes to ice retention. It features rope handles that have made it pretty much easier to handle. It also comes with a lifetime warranty making it a great cooler to purchase.

Given the importance of coolers in this day and age, here are some of the models that can be purchased. However, there are several other available as well.

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