Children Therapy by ABA

The term of ABA usually represents the goals that are settled to overcome the problem of autism in children. Applied Behavioral Analysis is used to change undesirable attitudes developed an outcome of autism which simply depends on experiments of specialist It’s described how to achieve appropriate performance by developing a system that first checks the advancement and give the rewards according to it. This term can be used to evaluate the results that are achieved by establishing a goal to obtain the required performance.

As far as children represent autism syndrome the first step is the medication of these children.

ABA Therapy is the best-suggested remedy by all specialists.

In Elevation Autism and Learning Center all sessions for this therapy take place under the supervision of experienced specialists.

What changes developed in children through our therapy?

Mostly, ABA is a process including to “extinguish” inappropriate attitude and teach appropriate behaviors and skills. ABA may be used to overcome this children’s problem by focusing on autism symptoms, for example, to lower outbursts and to teach a child not to make noise and sit quietly, to make requests by using words, or while playing in playgrounds wait their turn and then play with the patient. ABA is not limited to develop a positive attitude but it also includes to teach simple as well as complex skills. For example in general life kids are encouraged to enhance positive attitudes by rewarding them on the help of their friends and giving things to others and brushing his teeth correctly.

The basic goals of classic ABA are based in a “natural” setting, it’s not effectively worked in the improvements of skills that follow emotions. A common example of it is that while ABA kid can learn to shake hands or handshake while greeting with relatives, friends and other peoples, but it becomes useless to make children develop an emotional connection with another person. For that purpose, we have a professional physician who teaches symbolic thinking, academic content, and empathy in a way that children can understand easily.

Trial ABA Therapy is established on goals that focus on the improvement of a child’s abilities.

If a child who has already ability to sort shapes would not be asked to sort the shapes beside of it the point of focus will be different like challenge that faces children socially interaction or behavioral tasks

The goal of medication builds largely on your child’s present situation.

The therapy medication includes many goals that establish according to children’s

Autism symptoms and needs.

However, generally the result of ABA Therapy in children:

  • They showed more interest in peoples near to themselves
  • They communicating more effectively with other people
  • They learned to ask for things they need for example to ask clearly if want food and toys etc
  • The more focus at school and related activities
  • The overcome the self-harming acts

The children are under the age of three are provided with a modified form of ABA which is like a play therapy not trial therapy by our analysts.

Our well-trained therapists provide a treatment that takes children into real-world settings where they can implement the way of life they have learned and included them in ordinary social experiences.

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