Cocktail Dress: The Best Party Dress A Women Can Have

Cocktail dresses are a staple go-to for people who like to party and dress up. They are dresses for every occasion. They can serve as a great date mate, something that you want to wear to a birthday party when you are going for a formal office party or even a wedding reception. Any closet that does not have at least one cocktail dress is considered to be incomplete, to say the least. Cocktail dresses can be fun and flirty at the same time be professional and somber. Take your pick of the lot and roll with it. 

Let us take you through how this party dress came into being and how to choose the right dress. 


What Is A Cocktail Dress?

Cocktail dresses are formal or semi-formal dresses that are almost always knee-length. They can be worn on any kind of event or occasion which demands you to be a little fancy yet fun. Cocktail dresses were traditionally made in silk or lace. Today, however, we find them in many fabrics and different patterns. Different patterns and fabrics give us a great bandwidth of them being worn for an array of occasions. 

The birth of cocktail dresses happened at the American lexicon in 1803 which dates back to almost two centuries. It was pretty famous in the 1920s to 30s when flappers wore it to Gatsby-style parties in the region. However, its popularity and revolution came when Christian Dior took notice and launched it under its brand. 

What Makes Them Special?

Cocktail dresses have a certain character to them. they can be suave and sophisticated yet be contemporary and fun. Owing to its multi-faceted nature it becomes a choice for a series of events and hence has the popularity even till today. When someone mentions a cocktail dress, you immediately think of an event that requires you to dress up sharp and dapper. Not that it qualifies only in the black-tie category, but it calls for an evening get-together with friends in style. Slowly, business parties, engagements, showers, festive events all can accommodate a cocktail dress into their theme and you wouldn’t stand out badly. 

How To Choose A Cocktail Dress?

Though they match up to any occasion they are tasked with, today different cocktail dresses match events differently. Depending upon the event, you can choose the style of your cocktail dress. 

If you are going to a black-tie formal dinner, don’t use very loud colors. Use pastels, nudes, or solid colors which keep in line with the theme of things being formal and quiet. If you are stepping out for a birthday, festive event, or casual dinner, you can go for florals, mid to above the knee length of the cocktail dress wot make it more flirty and fun.

No matter where you are going, if you pick the right dress with the right attitude, you will always have a winner of an outfit with cocktail dresses.

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