Does NetSuite offer Certifications?

NetSuite offers certification programs in various fields. It has certified more than 4000 students and is adding new courses to its list constantly. But is it worth it to get certified by NetSuite by paying money? 

Yes, it is. Many institutions respect NetSuite, and getting certified through NetSuite provides you with much knowledge in different subjects. NetSuite offers various courses, such as:

  • Setup and navigation
  • NetSuite Site Builder web store capabilities
  • Sales order processing
  • Managing NetSuite
  • Data management
  • Item setup and basic inventory management


Choose the right course:

In addition to the courses listed above, any course of your desire can be selected, and you can pursue that to get certification through NetSuite Certification.

Prepare and Practice:

Outstanding advanced resources are provided to you in this certification program. It is the responsibility of the student to utilize the resources properly. The description of the certification also provides information such as the prerequisites and the training lectures. This description also details the Suite Foundation Exam preparation course, which is a course that mainly concentrates on the certification exam. Sample tests and practice tests are provided for exam preparations. It is recommended that students check out the in-depth study guides to gain more knowledge in the related course works.


It is also helpful if you gather some external resources to prepare for the certification exam. Simply searching for related references in Google can help you gain more resources and, in turn, helps you gain more knowledge. Exploring FAQ sections can provide more guidance on the course. It is a good idea to get in touch with people who are certified with NetSuite programs and become familiar with their experiences. Everything that matters is how much preparation and experience you have.


Major exams are managed by Kryterion, which is a certified contractor of NetSuite. When you feel prepared for the certification exam, you have several options to take the exam. You can either choose an online method or an offline method. Both these methods of exams are conducted and managed by Kryterion. You can also take the exam during the SuiteWorld pre-event training. The results for the exam are instantly available after the test is completed.

NetSuite Certification: Suite Foundation Exam preparation course:

NetSuite also provides a NetSuite Certification: Suite Foundation Exam preparation course, which provides enough practice for students to undertake the NetSuite Suite Foundation Certification exam. This exam provides deep insights into the course and has questions on the course’s major components. Some of the strategies to be followed to become more confident in this exam are reviewing standard process flows, studying key setup tasks, and exploring the internet. After finishing this course, you will be able to analyze and find how much you have been prepared to take the NetSuite Suite Foundation Certification exam. Though this exam trains for the certification exam, this course doesn’t ensure that everyone taking the course will pass the NetSuite Suite Foundation Certification exam. The duration of this course is two days, and the fee for this course is USD 1600. 

With the help of the above information, I hope you understand clearly about the certification programs provided by NetSuite and how to undertake them. To learn more, click on NetSuite ERP training.

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