How to Download Audio Music from Tumblr [GUIDE]

Tumblr, one of the most popular micro-blogging platforms was founded in 2007 and is visited by millions monthly. One can easily create a new blog on Tumblr. You can post videos, text and audio or music as well. We can even follow other bloggers and keep our blogs private if we wish to. If you wish to search for a particular audio or video post, you can search for it using the keywords. The next big question is, how to download Tumblr audio or music from the posts?

I decided to put together this guide to share the different ways to download the audio from Tumblr posts. Whether you are using Mozilla or Google Chrome browser, you can use any of the below methods to get the music which you listen on any Tumblr post. Some methods involve usage of softwares, the developer console or just an extension, but they all work. Without any further ado, let’s start!


How to Download Tumblr Audio

There are various workarounds which we can use to download the audio file from Tumblr posts. These methods support all the devices, including PC, your tablet or an Android smartphone as well. I will be discussing each method with step by step instructions so that it becomes just a matter of following those steps in order and you will have the download link ready and can play the music offline whenever you wish to.

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Method 1: Using Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Now there are 3 ways in which you can download the audio file by using both of these browsers. One is using the developer console, the second method involves the use of extensions and scripts available and the third method is using a simple website to download the mp3 file.

1. Using Developer Console

NOTE: This method works with the audio that is uploaded directly to Tumblr. The content which is embedded will require a different method to be used.

  • Launch Firefox or Google Chrome browser
  • Open the URL of the Tumblr page where the music/audio is uploaded
  • Click on “Play
  • Now right-click on the music player and select “Inspect Element” (for Mozilla)
  • Find the HTML section similar to the below code:

<audio preload="auto">
<source class="audio-source" src="URL of the audio file">

  • Expand the block (src) and copy the contents from it

  • Open a new tab, paste the URL which you copied earlier and press Enter
  • Usually, the download will start automatically. Alternatively, you can right click on the music player and select “Save Video As” (in Chrome) or “Save Audio As” (in Firefox)

  • Choose your location and you are done!

2. Inspecting the Page URL

  • Browse the Tumblr page on your Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Once the page loads, Press F12; this will open up the Developer console (or right click and chose “Inspect Element“)
  • Go to the Network tab in the Developer Console
  • Now click on Play on the music player and you will see the fresh URL for audio file being displayed in the Network tab

  • Right click on the URL and select “Open link in new tab
  • Go to the new tab which opened up, right click on the player and choose “Save as Video/Audio” depending upon the browser you are using

  • The download will start, wait for it to finish and you can now listen to it on your computer being offline!

3. Using Extensions/Add-Ons

TumTaster is an extension which you can use to download videos and then you can convert them into the audio version. You can use this on Firefox as well as Chrome.

For Mozilla Firefox
  • Download GreaseMonkey add-on on your browser
  • Restart Firefox and from the top-right corner, enable the add-on you installed
  • Now install the TumTaster extension
  • Restart Firefox again and open the Tumblr link you want to download Audio from, you will see a download option
For Google Chrome
  • Download TumTaster extension for Chrome
  • Restart Chrome browser
  • Open the Tumblr audio URL, play it and you will see a button saying “Click to Download
  • By right-clicking on this button, you can save the audio to your local drive

Method 2: Using an Online Downloader

If you are looking for a one-click solution, then your hunt comes to an end. Download Videos From is a websites that specifically allows us to download videos or audio from Tumblr. Below are the steps to use it!

  • Open the Tumblr audio post URL on your browser which you would like to download and copy that URL
  • In the new tab, open this link:
  • Paste the URL you copied in the first step into the blank field (check below image) and click on “Download MP3

Method 3: Download Tumblr Audio on Android Smartphones

If you are using your Android device and want to download music from a Tumblr post, you can do that as well. Just follow the below instructions and you will be good to go:

  • Download the Timbloader for Tumblr application from Google Play Store on your Android smartphone/tablet
  • Now open the Tumblr app on your phone and click on the “Share/Send” button below the audio post
  • Choose Timbloader for Tumblr from the list of apps
  • After it loads up, click on “Download” and you are done!


With this, I end this detailed guide. I hope you were able to follow each method and it’s steps without any difficulties. Feel free to comment below if you have any doubts or queries, I will be happy to help you out. I’ll also be updating this guide with any new or easy methods I discover in the future, so make sure you bookmark it.

I compiled some of the best and easiest methods to download audio from Tumblr and listen the music offline. If you enjoyed reading this post, do share it so it reaches more people and help them as well. Thanks for reading!

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