Every time this influential investor and owner of large corporations give his opinion about CRYPTOCURRENCY, great controversy is generated. However, it also boosts its value, achieving unexpected historical highs, for example, last year visit at: https://bitqs.io/

Stores of value in times of inflation

The billionaire is increasingly clinging to the use and investment in cryptocurrencies, something that for many may seem crazy, but, according to his vision, he finds in digital currencies the refuge to revalue capital.

Despite the challenging months that cryptocurrencies have gone through, his futuristic and optimistic position suggests that there is no better way to store capital and let it multiply only over time.

What was surprising for many is the position that this billionaire has regarding the sale of his CRYPTO ASSETS, which denies the possibility of getting rid of them.

Large sums of money have been invested by Elon Musk in cryptocurrencies even since last year when he began to accept the cancellation and acquisition of his vehicles with cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin.

Possessing tangible assets such as properties or shares in certain companies may be expected when it comes to storing value or investing our capital, but, in this specific case, Musk indicates that owning this type of asset does not necessarily mean losses.

After the second bulletin of the FED was issued where the measures in which interest rates continue to increase and therefore inflation are strengthened, it is definitely a more complicated scenario for finances.

For entrepreneurs like Michael Saylor, inflation will affect the consumer and all the production and logistics processes that surround the global economic and financial sector, which will help many, allocate their capital to invest in cryptocurrencies.

The Dogefather has no desire to sell his crypto assets

The power that Elon Musk’s opinions have on the FINANCIAL MARKET is impressive. It seems that he had the facility to determine what could happen in the financial market in a predictive way.

Some consider him a financial guru since he has reached high levels of capitalization of his prominent fortune after making several alliances and corporations that, for many, would be crazy. Still, they are simply their financial future for him.

Such was the case when last year, Musk decided to accept Bitcoin as a payment method, but it was inconsistent with the objective and mission of the Tesla company, which he directs, due to the environmental wear that is caused by the mining process of Bitcoin goes against their criteria.

However, this decision’s effect on cryptocurrencies made them raise their market capitalization in an impressive way and the impact of retracting this decision.

Every time Elon Musk issues an opinion on the crypto environment, it generates a stir. Depending on the position, it will have a positive or negative effect.

One of the most explicit statements regarding cryptocurrencies is that, in his opinion, the largest investments and whose value is significant are his digital currencies and the shares he owns in his companies.

Everything points to the fact that cryptocurrencies should stabilize and create an environment with less VOLATILITY and greater adoption over time. However, not all prominent businessmen have the same disposition towards these financial instruments.

The well-known CEO of the Dogecoin digital currency places all his trust and expectations in the evolution of cryptocurrencies, although this is considered an inflationary cryptocurrency, which indicates that, unlike Bitcoin, it does not have an extraction limit.

The options to invest in the digital financial market are many, as well as the value of the currencies that represent it; it only remains for the user to consider the most appropriate since they have overcome complex situations, and it is most likely that they will increase in value.

Musk’s investments exceed 500 million dollars in cryptocurrencies, which is not a small amount; the fact is that he has put his money to capitalize, and there is no doubt about this.


Prominent entrepreneurs and billionaires worldwide may not invest directly in cryptocurrencies. Still, they do find the idea of ​​long-term profit attractive.

The risks are high; everything is relative, and its volatility will depend on the projected investment strategies and the tools to achieve profitability over time.

Many traders trade daily and see results;. However, today the landscape of digital currencies is not very defined; everything can change in minutes.

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