Ways to determine the Fair Market Value of the Car

Are you desperately trying out to find the Fair Market Value of your car? Well, if yes then you’re absolutely at the right place.

Knowing the worth as well as the value of your car is quite essential, especially if you ever need to sell your vehicle. The Cars24 is the platform which can help yours in finding a fair market value of your automobile. When the time comes to sell your car, you’ll want to know precisely what is the worth of your car.

Moreover, once you know your car worth you can get some leverage in negotiating, as you know the market value for your car. Once you calculate the value of your car properly, you simply wait for the perfect deal. Try not to sell the car at first offer because you may lose thousands of dollars. Even though you’re not in the urgency of selling your car, it can be helpful to know what is the worth of your car.

Now, talking about FMV or Fair Market Value – it offers you how much your car is worth on the private market or for tax purposes. Platforms like Cars24 will give you the most accurate valuation of your automobile, and even you can browse the local car ads to see what similar cars are selling for in your area.


Method 1: Use Cars24 or a Similar Service

Here is the step by step guide which will help you find your vehicle FMV or Fair Market Value.

Step 1. Go to the Cars24 Website. Well, Cars 24 is the premier Online Store for Car Valuation where you can sell your car in a single visit.

So, to get started with Cars24, visit the website where you can see the price of new or used cars button to find out what your vehicle is worth.

You need to simply give some information like, Model Number, Registered State, Vehicle Name, Your Mobile number, Company Name of the Vehicle and “Get Price” of your automobile.

Note:- Please make sure that you should answer all the Cars24 questions honestly, As they only offer a valuation of your car not buying it.

Lying about the current condition of your car will not actually help you; it might only give you a better valuation of your vehicle.

Method 2. Check out dealerships

Here’s the step by step guide which will help you find local dealers off the cars.

Step 1. Contact the Local Dealerships

You can gain insight into the value of your car by contacting the local dealers and asking to see their prices.

Although, if a dealer doesn’t have the exact model of your car in stock, they usually have access to an enormous database of cars so that they can find virtually identical to yours which is being sold for!

Note:- Try to ask our dealer for an estimate of what they would be willing to pay you if you were to trade in your car.

Step 2. Consider the Dealer Quotes

Dealers can sell cars for more money than private sellers because they offer warranties as well as maintenance.

Note:- In case you’re using dealer valuation to determine the FMV of your car then always keep in mind that you might not truly get the car for as much as the dealer is listing.

Method 3. Changing your Car’s FMV or Fair Market Value

Step 1. Adjust your FMV if you take a while to sell your car

Your Car’s FMV is time-specific, meaning that it can change if you take months or even years to donate or sell your vehicle. Every month or so you need to re-visit the estimate websites and enter your car’s information to get an up-to-date FMV. You might also want to change your car’s asking price based on this new estimate.

Step 2. Keep your Car Neat & Clean from Inside and Outside!

Well, this can be done by you, or you can take your vehicle a detailing place. In case you can remove imperfections, such as stains on the upholstery, then this will surely improvise the value of your car. Also, if you’ve few dings or catches on the exterior then buy touch-up paint and make these corrections, too.

Step 3. Hire a mechanic to fix any Mechanical Problems

If your car is newer, take it to a local, trusted mechanic and ask them to evaluate it for any issues. Make sure that the cost of fixing all the issues will boost your cars FMV enough to warrant the expense.

Even making minor repairs, such as replacing the window wipers, might pay off if you can report a higher condition rating for your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

You must know that it’s important always to have your vehicle running properly when you’re soon going to sell it. A perfectly running vehicle assures the top dollars. Well, to find that your vehicle is running well, you need to have a certified mechanic. It will ensure that your car has no mechanical problems and can perform well.

Try to perform a checkup and safety inspection before you list your vehicle on the market. Also, we have shared all the ways in which you can determine the Fair Market Value of your Vehicle. Moreover, you can find the valuation of your automobile on Cars24 platform, and it’s quite reliable than many other car selling platforms.

Now, if you have any queries or suggestions related to FMV of your car then do enlighten them in the comment section. Tell us what you look into a car while going to buy!

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