Five Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services

Have you ever considered the importance of office cleanliness? Nowadays, an increasing number of companies invest in commercial deep cleaning services to ensure their workplaces are free of pathogens, allergens, dust, and dirt.

Indoor air quality is essential for keeping the health and productivity of employees optimal. Both businesses and workers stand to gain from working in a pristine environment. There is a wide range of Calgary commercial cleaning services, offering impeccable work and fair pricing.

These are the main benefits of hiring such services.


Boosted employee productivity

One of the greatest benefits of hiring commercial cleaners is the increase in employee productivity. Many companies aren’t aware of the importance of pure indoor air on the productivity of their workers. Polluted indoor air is not only a threat to human health, but it’s also believed to reduce the performance of office workers by as many as ten percent.

Moreover, polluted air is thought to affect the efficiency of employees by reducing their cognitive function. Consequently, they experience a gradual drop in focus and complete a lower number of tasks. In most cases, pollutants circulate across the entire facility via the HVAC system. Nevertheless, commercial cleaning companies make sure all contaminants are eliminated from the property, providing employees with clean air to breathe.

Healthy work environment

Another advantage of hiring commercial cleaners is providing a safe, healthy environment for employees to work in by using environmentally friendly products. Green products contain no chemicals, parabens, and other harmful ingredients, which might induce allergic reactions in people.

In addition, the ductwork is supposed to be eliminated from pathogens regularly, as it serves as a transport system for contaminants to reach every end of the facility. Professional cleaners perform an annual ductwork cleaning to remove bacteria, dust, allergens, debris, and mold with the help of an extraction system. Apart from removing harmful contaminants, this practice improves the efficiency of HVAC systems, which in turn reduces energy costs.

Commercial cleaners also perform frequent upholstery and carpet cleaning to eliminate allergens and dust from surfaces. The largest part of workers brings allergens from their homes into the workplace in the form of pet dander, pet hair, dust mite eggs, etc. Read here about the four types of allergic reactions.

Fewer sick days

Commercial cleaning services reduce the spread of diseases, which decreases the number of sick days. Employees have a tendency to spread viruses in the workplace by coming in contact with office surfaces that other workers touch as well. Therefore, thorough sanitization is essential for preventing the spread of diseases.

Nevertheless, commercial cleaners are effective in disinfecting shared areas like training rooms, bathrooms, and breakrooms. They ensure doorknobs, phones, faucets, and computers are sanitized on a daily basis. Most businesses decide to invest in soap dispensers, no-touch wastebaskets, and hand-drying systems to ensure better disinfection of the shared areas.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything is the importance of keeping surfaces sanitized. Viruses have the potential to live on surfaces like tables, workstations, and desks for as long as 48 hours. By sanitizing these surfaces daily, commercial cleaners genuinely limit the spread of viruses and reduce the number of sick days.

Remarkable cleanliness

Another reason why companies benefit from hiring commercial cleaning services is the opportunity to be provided with high-quality cleaning. Besides keeping the windows, office surfaces, and floors clean, professional cleaners offer a more comprehensive range of services, referring to deep cleaning.

For instance, these services include cleaning of carpets, rugs, drapery, blinds, tiles, air ducts, upholstery, and walls. When hiring such cleaners, it’s important for them to offer both regular and deep cleaning services. The following link,, reveals three ways of cleaning drapes.

A clean appearance

Commercial cleaners are crucial for keeping a clean, professional appearance, which leaves a good impression when people enter the facility. These cleaners ensure all trash bins are emptied regularly, stairways and halls are free of clutter, while dust is removed daily. They make sure the place smells fresh and looks pristine at all times.

The bottom line

Office cleanliness is invaluable for the health of every employee.

It also maintains a professional appearance and boosts workers’ morale!

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