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How long have you been thinking about purchasing a foosball table? This thrilling game is a favorite pastime for many individuals and families who adore playing in teams and competing against each other.

There are eight playing rods, four assigned to each team. Players control the rods to move the ball across the surface and eventually score a goal. There is a myriad of blogs, such as, providing foosball table reviews based on research and experience.

We hope these tips help you purchase the best model.


Select a type

When shopping for a foosball table, you should commence your journey by picking the type you will enjoy the most. There is the standard, the tabletop, and the combination models. For instance, standard foosball tables are of full size and relatively heavy, as they aren’t designed to be moved around. Their heaviness comes from solid wood construction, which is typical for high-end models.

In contrast, their low-cost variants are cheaper due to the combination of wood and MDF. Nevertheless, they still weigh a minimum of 100 pounds. The majority of standard foosball tables are made from components of high quality, allowing players to use them for years.

Some models are even designed to be left outdoors on a patio or deck. These are weather-resistant, constructed from materials resistant to rust and water. Nevertheless, it is paramount for the product description to specify that the model is designed for outdoor use.

Tabletop foosball tables, on the other hand, are often called mini because of their small size. These models are the most appropriate choice for individuals whose home space poses limitations in terms of size. Nevertheless, tabletop models need to be placed on a sturdy surface, such as a dining or coffee table. Click here to get familiar with the rules of playing foosball.

Most parents consider the tabletop variants a perfect idea, as their children can learn the art of foosball prior to getting an upgrade to a larger version. Nevertheless, buyers are not supposed to expect high quality, as the material used in their construction is plastic, which explains the low price.

Combination tables, as their name implies, can be converted into a couple of table games, not just foosball. The largest number of combination models enable users to enjoy air hockey, foosball, and billiards, depending on their mood. They are the perfect fit for individuals dwelling in condos or small flats, not having enough space for placing a few game tables.

Consider the size

After making the best choice of a type, you are advised to continue your shopping journey by selecting the right size. Standard full-size models are 56 inches long and 30 inches wide, which requires a significant amount of space. Keep in mind that these dimensions are not calculated with the width of the extended rods in mind.

Therefore, individuals whose house/apartment space is limited should calculate the width as if the rods are extended. Also, homeowners need to leave enough space around the foosball table for players to move around comfortably. In general, buyers are recommended to have an area of seven feet in length and eight feet in width if planning to play table football at home.

Check out the features

There are certain features buyers should pay attention to in the process of shopping, such as the counter-weighted men, table levelers, and playing rods. If your ultimate goal is to play like the pros, make sure the model you purchase is equipped with counter-weighted men. The role of these men is to remain in a horizontal position once the players release them, meaning they will have nothing to worry about when taking a shot, as the figures won’t get in their way.

Such levelers are considered essential for everyone wishing to play fair. Unless the model you purchase has levelers, the person who is opposite the leaning side has better chances to win the game. Even though the selection of levelers is extensive, they all serve the same function.

When considering the playing rods, buyers should pay attention to selecting the best material, which is considered to be steel. Apart from choosing steel, you should make sure the rods are hollow, as they are believed to speed up the game.

Choose a goalie configuration

Some models come with a single-man goalie, whereas others with three-man goalies. The former is typical for UK models, while the latter is specific for US variants. Single-man setups are suitable for players who wish to improve their precision and skills. Conversely, three-man setups are ideal for people looking for a fast-paced game. Follow this link,, to check out some foosball rules for beginners.

The bottom line

Foosball is a form of entertainment for the entire family.

It’s worth the investment!

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