Going Beyond The Traditional Online Store – Selling On Social Media With Shopify

There is no denying that social media is here to stay. Usage of social media platforms is increasing by the day and more people are connecting to each other via mobile phones. There are opportunities galore for you to tap into the social world. If you think and act strategically, your online store can flourish in new ways. But remember you are not the only player in the market. You must think ahead of your competitors so that you have a competitive advantage over them. However, social media marketing can be confusing to most online store owners. The efficient way of performing social media marketing is by first understanding the strengths of each platform.

There are three powerful and most-loved social media platforms that you can use: Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Over two billion users are connected on Facebook making it one of the most used social media platforms in the world. Add to this a simple yet sophisticated messenger, which can be great for you to use. Facebook is fantastic for advertising. You can create your own business’ page where content, photos, and videos are added. Pinterest, on the other hand, is great for showcasing your products to potential customers. Instagram is another useful platform which can be used if your customer-base is millennial. Instagram Live and Stories enable you to post in real-time.  


How Can Shopify Help Your Online Store Expand Through Social Media Marketing?

Shopify helps you target the right customers. There are millions of customers out there. It can become a tough task to determine how to make customers aware that your store exists. Shopify helps you build your customer base by making you discoverable on social media. It helps turn interested visitors into your customers while ensuring you make a sale. Shopify aids you in first understanding the customer type that is ideal. Then it helps people connect to your business. Additionally, Shopify helps to promote your store such that people can take a look at what products you are selling and buy from you.

Shopify has the huge advantage of helping you sell products on all of these platforms while syncing them. If you make a sale on Pinterest, then it will reflect on the inventory of Instagram and Facebook as well. This helps you be on top of your game without having to monitor these things manually.  

Shopify shines the spotlight on you so you can showcase the best in every social media platform.

  • Facebook

Facebook can be high on returns when you invest your energy in the right aspects. Your store can do wonders when potential customers buy from your store and your sales increase with time. Shopify has Facebook integrations which help your customers easily go through what you are selling. You can effortlessly add all products to your Facebook store with Shopify. One click is all it takes! Shopify syncs your Facebook online store with Shopify. When a modification is made in your Shopify store, the changes are immediately visible on your Facebook store.

Did you know there are over half a billion mobile Facebook users? Shopify’s Facebook store can be easily accessed and conveniently viewed by mobile users too. Users don’t have to leave Facebook to purchase something from your store. The checkout is quick and easy. Customers can safely opt for saving their information so that they don’t have to enter it a second time. This saves time for future purchases from your store.

Facebook Messenger can be another excellent tool for you to connect with your potential customers and existing ones. Shopify helps you to sell products directly on Facebook Messenger. It can be used to speak to your customers one-on-one. This can help with the customer service aspect of your online store. Kigurumi.co, a leading online shop selling onesies, saw their revenue rise by 90% by integrating Shopify into Facebook Messenger. They expanded their use of the messaging platform by using it to upsell other products aside from its regular customer service function.

  • Instagram

Instagram has been one of the best social media platforms for e-commerce store owners. You can tag the online store’s products when you post and allow customers to shop from there directly. Shopify helps people find your products and shop easily on Instagram. There are over 500 million users on Instagram who access the platform on a daily basis. Imagine what will happen when you start to attract more customers and make sales. Shopify helps you increase your Instagram presence by ensuring you target millennials in the right manner.

  • Pinterest

Shopify integrates Pinterest with your online store. The products that you pin from your online store can be bought directly. This is accomplished by Shopify as it makes your products in pins buyable. Customers do not need to leave Pinterest when they make a purchase. Shopify provides customers with two options for checking out: Apple Pay and Credit Card. Shopify Admin has a very interesting and useful feature, the Pinterest Channel Dashboard. You can easily track your pins along with your orders and repins.

Shopify’s powerful social media integrations can help you achieve more in a short span of time.

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