Growing Your Gardens in An Innovative Way

One of the ways to nourish the body is by consuming foods gotten from fresh and nutritious plants. This is possible if we grow our gardens. This is why people that understand these dynamics have their gardens, no matter how small. An innovative way has presented itself, making it easier to grow a garden now; it is the vertical growing system that enables the growing of plants anywhere one chooses.

The good thing about the vertical growing system is that one does not need to use the tedious conventional way of gardening. With this creative method, planting can go on without soil, and only a tiny amount of water is required. It is a garden system that can even be done in a small studio apartment.

This new way of planting makes gardening very easy. With any available space, one can easily plant and consume fresh vegetables and herbs as often as possible using this method. Before delving into this gardening method, we recommend that you go through garden reviews to know what you may need in the process. For instance, reading tower garden reviews provides you with sufficient information about different gardening practices.

This article will also highlight what a vertical growing system entails, how it works, and why you should take advantage of it


How Does the Vertical Growing System Work?

The vertical growing system, otherwise known as the tower garden, describes a steep FDA-approved food-grade plastic container made with no BPA. It is also stabilized for maximum food consumption safety. Depending on the size of the system selected, it can hold between 20-236 plants per time. The least space you need for this method of planting is just 3 square feet; this means that even a kitchen counter can be used.

As earlier stated, this innovative way of planting needs no soil because it uses Rockwool. The seed is placed in different compartments on the Rockwool. The incredible thing is that Rockwool is absorbent, so it easily holds the nutrients and water perfectly, allowing it to provide enough nourishment to the plants. The material used for Rockwool is sturdy enough to stabilize the plant as they grow bigger.

The number of plants you can grow in a vertical garden depends on your ordered system. With this system, you can produce all kinds of herbs, vegetables, flowers, fruits, leafy greens, sprouts, tomatoes. Cabbage etc.

The system comes in about four sizes, and items included depends on the size purchased with things like starter seeds, water system, i.e., pump, timer and drain tube, bland mineral nutrients and its measuring cup, the seed germination supplies, a PH tester, growing resources and customer support resources, etc.

Why You Should Take Advantage of Vertical Growing System

Below are some significant reasons why you should adopt this innovative system of gardening.

Consuming Fresh Crops

The most important reason why you should use this method is the availability of fresh crops to consume at all times. The need to nourish the body with new plants cannot be over-emphasized as the body needs to stay functional with healthy foods, and nutritious crops do the magic as anticipated.

No Need for Floor Space

One simple aspect of this system thing you would be enjoying is that you do not need ample space like the traditional gardens to plant your crops. With only 3-square-feet of space, you can start growing. You can also place it anywhere you deem fit in your home. All you need is a small place convenient to keep the container, and you are done.

If you need a visual guide to see how this method works, you can watch this video.

Easy Setup

With this method of planting, you do not need to employ the tedious and manual way of doing traditional planting. When the tower garden is bought, everything you need to start planting is in it. You will find your supplies, seeds, and nutrients in the kit. Setting it up is straightforward and can be completed in no time.

Ease of use

The mineral blend solution in the kit will be used in the reservoir alongside the water. This will be circulating into the plant with a means of a low-wattage submersible pump. This will enable the nutrients to get into all the compartments of the plants.

Once this is set up, there is a timer always to trigger the process approximately every 15minutes. So, your work will be to check and maintain the water level required and clean the pump filter if need be. With this, in no time, you would be harvesting your plants.

No Soil Contamination or Pests

In the conventional method, one needs to weed, dig in the dirt, or deal with soil contamination. This does not happen with vertical gardening as it uses aeroponics which means that the crops are grown with nutrients and water rather than dirt. With this technology, the plant will be growing at a triple rate. This means that harvesting with this system is also a lot faster than the traditional form of planting.

The truth remains that this controlled gardening technique will enable the plants to stay free from any contaminated soil or pests.

Less Water is Needed

You do not need to water your plant daily like will be required with the traditional way of planting. This method requires 98% less water than traditional gardening. This means that the water requirement will be about 2% of what it would have been. All you need to do is set it up, and the timer will do the work of circulating the water as programmed.


Nutritious plants are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that free the body from toxins. Sometimes what limits our action on owning our little gardens to grow our crops is ample space. New technology is here to help us deal with this problem. Using the vertical growing method is a good alternative. It would help if you had little to no space to have your mini garden. Get your tower garden today to start your garden

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