[FIXED] Hearthstone Pink Screen or Purple Screen of Death

Hearthstone, a strategy based game for PC, Android & iOS is amazingly popular and has been around for 3 years now. I used to play this game back in 2015 and I loved the concept of this superb card game. During the gameplay, I remember one specific problem which I faced and it took me a while to figure out how to solve it. People call it the “Hearthstone pink screen or purple screen of death” problem.

In this guide, I will be sharing some simple ways which helped a lot of people to solve this issue so you can try these out on your respective devices as well. Since Hearthstone can be played on PC as well as mobile devices, I will share fixes which you can try on both of them, so be rest assured.


What is Hearthstone Pink Screen or Purple Screen of Death Issue?

Whenever you will update Hearthstone on your PC, Android or iOS devices, you might face this problem. You will see a pink screen or purple screen with distorted shapes and won’t be able to play the game properly.

When you will start the game after updating, this is what you will experience. Now I am not a part of their developer team but using my technical experience, I still can deduce the possible reasons for the same, and am listing them below.

  • The graphic card drivers are not update or are missing
  • The update is not downloaded properly or is missing any file(s)
  • Too many background applications not allowing to load the game fully and hence causing problems
  • In your mobile device, your cache memory might be full

How to Fix Hearthstone Pink/Purple Screen of Death Problem

As I already told you might face this issue either on PC or your mobile device, I will be sharing ways to fix it on both. So let’s go:

1. Restart the Game (Mobile/PC)

On your Windows PC or Android smartphone, if you face the pink or purple screen of death issue after an update or patch installation, just close Hearthstone and restart it, this is one probable fix for this problem

2. Close Background Applications (PC)

If you have too many background applications running along with Hearthstone game, close them from the Activity log (for example: Mumble is one of the apps which has been causing problems for a lot of users)

3. Update your Graphic Card Drivers (PC)

  • Your graphic card is a very important aspect when you deal with problems related to games. Make sure that your graphic card is updated to the latest version. If not, go to the company’s website and update all drivers of the card

4. Reset Game Options (PC)

You can even try to reset the Hearthstone game options by following the below given steps and this might fix the Pink screen problem as this worked for a lot of users as well.

  • Close Hearthstone
  • Go to the Battle.net App
  • Click on the Hearthstone Icon
  • Click on Options, then Game Settings
  • Click Reset In-Game Options
  • Click Reset
  • Click Done
  • Launch the game again

5. Turn GPU Scaling ON (PC)

Turning on GPU scaling worked for many players as I found out while browsing the Battlenet forum. You can do this by following this article on the official website of AMD.

6. Clear Game Data (Mobile)

This solution worked for me as well on my mobile and would “most” probably work for you as well since it has been tested on a lot of devices including, Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, Tab S, S6 Edge, S7, Note 4, NVIDIA Shield Tablet, LG G4, Sony Xperia Z5, OnePlus Two.

You can do this by going to:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select USB/Memory storage
  • Select Installed Apps
  • Choose Hearthstone and
  • Tap on Clear Data

After doing this, Hearthstone will then “reinstall” all the files it needs without re-downloading the whole game. An important thing to know here is that this will delete all your decks and start your account back over at level 1. When you start playing new games your hero is also replaced with the bar tender. You will also be logged out of your account.

Final Words

This concludes my guide on how to fix the Hearthstone pink screen or purple screen of death on PC or mobile devices. I hope you were able to solve the issue at your end by trying out one of the above methods.

I urge you to comment below if you are facing any difficulties in any steps or have any other queries. Do share the article as a vote of thanks and keep visiting Mr. DeTechTive. Cheers!

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