Review of Hitachi RB24EAP

The Hitachi RB24EAP was built to make quick work of big cleanup tasks, the Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld Blower uses a 23.9 cc commercial-grade engine. It features PureFire low-emission two-stroke engine technology, a large two-finger throttle lever, and an auto-return stop switch. It offers an air volume of 441 cubic feet per minute and delivers air speeds up to 170 miles per hour for effective debris removal. Handheld Blower At a Glance:23.9 cc, 1.13-horsepower commercial-grade engine441 cfm air volume with speeds up to 170 miles per hour for effective debris removalAuto-return stop switch simplifies startupsPureFire low-emission two-stroke engine technology reduces fumesCARB Tier III compliance 1.13 horsepower engine generates airspeeds of 170 miles an hour making debris removal fast and easy.

I had high expectations before trying out the Hitachi RB24EAP handheld blower. Just a few months earlier I had used a piece of Hitachi lawn equipment for the first time. The unit I used was the CG22EASSLP grass trimmer and I came away impressed. It more than exceeded my expectations with its power and ease of use. So I was expecting great things from this leaf blower.

Hitachi RB24EAP Features:

  • 6 pounds
  • 9cc, 1.13 hp engine
  • 170 mph airspeed
  • 2-stroke engine
  • Auto return stop switch
  • Lightweight design
  • Large throttle lever
  • Commercial grade
  • CARB compliant
  • 7-year warranty

My Hitachi RB24EAP Review:

The first thing you need to do when you get the Hitachi RB24EAP blower out of the box is put it together. It’s rather simple, you just need to attach the nozzle and the tapered end piece. You will find that both of these parts fit snug, without much give. Once you have it assembled, simply add the correct oil/gas mix and you are ready to go.

When I attempted to start the blower, I had it running on the second pull. After squeezing the throttle, I quickly realized why they made the nozzle fit so snug. This leaf blower has some serious power! Of all the gas and electric handheld leaf blowers that I have had the chance to use, this is the most powerful one I have tried. The top Stihl blower is close, but it costs over $100 more. I would even say that Hitachi RB24EAP has more blowing power than many of the backpack blowers that I have used – and that’s saying something.

One thing you will notice while using the Hitachi blower is that due to the power, you have to use a little muscle to keep it from turning in your hand. Some other reviewers suggested that it would be nice to have an additional handle on the blower to help keep it straight. I don’t think that’s necessary, it just takes a little getting used to.

In addition to the Hitachi blower’s power and easy starting, it is also well balanced to reduce user fatigue. Another attractive feature is that it is an environmentally friendly leaf blower. The engine features PureFire low-emission technology which reduces the harmful fumes released into the air.

I am not the only one to come away impressed with this leaf blower. It received over 80% of perfect 5-star ratings from people who have purchased it. Like me, they love how easy it is to start and how much blowing force it possesses. Not to mention, should anything ever go wrong with the blower, it is covered by a full 7-year consumer warranty. You might have noticed other brands usually only offer a 2-year warranty at the most.

There are few complaints about the blower from people who have used it. A few suggested that it would be nice to have a throttle lock button or “cruise control”, as some refer to it. Some would prefer a throttle with set points, but that really comes down to personal preference.

It is also worth noting that this blower is the exact same unit as the Tanaka TRB24EAP except it has green trim instead of orange. The Hitachi is currently less expensive, though. There are times when you can find the Tanaka for a lower price than the Hitachi.

Like with the Hitachi CG22EASSLP grass trimmer, the Hitachi RB24EAP leaf blower exceeded my expectations in every way. This handheld blower is an excellent choice for homeowners and lawn professionals alike.

Final Words

Very good blower. Lightweight, quiet and very easy to start. Very powerful at blowing leaves. My last WeedEater blower refused to start after 5 years of use. It was very poor in comparison to this Hitachi unit. The Hitachi comes with a 7-year warranty so I assume it is built to last a while. It uses 89 octane grade petrol with a 50 to 1 oil mix. I bought separate petrol can just for the Hitachi blower so as not to invalidate the warranty. The only downside is the hand trigger throttle control, it’s OK but incremental throttle steps would make it so much easier to use. I would highly recommend this Hitachi rb24eap blower, you will not be disappointed.


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