Hosting solutions for small businesses

Let’s say you’re a business owner that just started out in a certain market. You have a decent looking website and feel like you can offer some heavy competition to other firms. 

But after a month or so you notice that your conversions are pretty bad and most of the folks leave immediately after landing on your site. Even though your site looks great and you post useful content on regular, people still bounce pretty quickly.

One of the main reasons for this could be the technical side of your project. The site itself might not have the best speed or frustrate users in other terms of functionality.

In this article, I’m here to tell you that your hosting provider might be the reason for your struggles. 

Hostens shared web hosting plan is enough for small websites and business people just starting out, however, the important thing is to find a decent provider that would give you the best opportunities to operate.

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Below I look at a few factors to consider when applying for a Shared Web Hosting plan.


Look at your website speed

There are a number of tools online that can help you diagnose any speed issues within your website. If you feel like you struggle in that department, look for a hosting provider that prioritizes speed for their clients.

A provider like that will also be good at resource management for their clients. Since shared hosting servers involve multiple accounts and websites using the same server, in order to ensure a good optimal speed for their clients, the providers will prioritize this practice.

Look at their bandwidth options as well. As your website grows, so does the traffic, you’ll need more optimal speed for your website in terms of loading content for display. Proper bandwidth allows the fast exchange of files between your site and a visitors’ computer.

Think about the support you receive

No matter whether you’re a client that pays for a dedicated server entirely on your own, or are a small website owner that shares resources with many others, you should be respected by your provider and receive any support you need at all times.

Let’s say you’re having problems keeping up with your websites’ management and are in need of help. No matter whether you pay 1$ or 100$ a month, the support team should be eager to help at all times.

Since the niche of hosting providers is as competitive as it gets, chances are you’ve never received a bad support. If you did, you probably migrated from the company that very moment. 

Good support is very valuable for small business owners just starting up, it can help your business grow by stabilizing your websites’ functionality for the better.

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Consider your future business goals

Think about some general questions like this. Are you planning to expand into new niches/markets? Is your current website enough for what clients’ are looking for? These factors are important for choosing a hosting provider as well.

While sure, shared hosting is great for starters, if your business grows, your website will most likely as well. You’ll need more resources, more speed, perhaps a better support option as well. 

A good hosting provider will provide you with the conditions to not only startup, but to expand as well, meaning no major issues should come up when you suddenly decide to change your hosting plan. While most providers will allow you to do so, still, it’s an important thing to keep in mind.

To sum it up

In this article, I’ve briefly talked about shared hosting as an option for a business site, and a few general things to keep in mind when choosing this hosting plan for your website. Remember these things, and you should be good to go. 


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