How Can Golf Analyzers Get You An Edge In The Game?

If you’re looking to give yourself an edge in the game of golf over your friends or continually slicing or hooking the ball in the woods on the first tee. A golf swing analyzer is particularly for finding those minute points of your swing mechanics that are causing you to slice, hook or dough the ball and improve on them. Check here for golf analyzers,  Golf analyzers can take one of two forms, a simple use at the home device or something more technical would be Golf instruction centres. Pricing varies in this game from a little to a lot. 

You can buy home swing analysis for a few hundred bucks or you can invest a little less for a one-time golf swing analysis at a golf Pro Centre. The most basic of Swing analysis tools is a small electronic device that attaches to the shaft of the Golf Club. When the golfer swings, the device captures information such as clubhead speed and then calculates the distance and projection the ball should travel with that swing. This device is good to measure particular points of your swing, it does not do much for pointing out errors on mechanics you may be making.

 To Get A More Detailed Analysis 

To get a more complete picture of the golf swing, you need more in-depth analysis. Using video and computer software is the best way to make this happen. A golfer can record his or her swing through a video or digital camera and then load that video on your computer. The software then begins to manipulate it by extracting information about clubhead, speed, angle of contact, and path. From that the golf swing analysis software judge, the distance and trajectory the ball would have travelled. The software makes recommendations on swing improvements and where you would stand to make a big difference. 

The most sophisticated and detailed of these video computer golf swing analysis tools are found at Golf training centres. A golfer addresses the ball swing at the ball on an artificial tee box and the ball is captured by a net hanging in front. The complete process is captured by a video camera that is connected directly with the golf swing analyzer software package. 

Very similar to that in the home version of golf swing analysis software, the swing is transcribed into a computer video that can be detected. Your biomechanics are studied to extract basic Swing information, along with more detailed studies about your stance, body posture, hand position, and head movement. It’s not just the actual swing that can cause trouble but also how the rest of your body acts while the swing is taking place. 

Many golf swing analysis kits come with the video or CD that gives a printout and feedback reports on your swing. So you have something to go on when you are practising to correct errors in mechanics etc. If you do take the time to have your swing analyzed by a pro also at a golf centre you will likely have the option of receiving lessons to help correct whatever errors were found.

Golf Swing Video Analyzer 

If you want to videotape your golf swing, there are many video analysis apps that you can use to record your swing. They involve simple setup like downloading the app, clicking on the video mode, and then adjusting the screen/ mounted position in front or behind you to record the swing. Then you make the swing and cause the recording and the app then saves the video to its library for further analysis in full or slow motion. 

What Are Golf Alignment Sticks? 

Golf alignment sticks are skinny rod polls that you find pretty cheap at most golf shops. They are as long as your golf clubs so they fit easily into your Golf bag to pull out when needed. They are used on the practice range to line up your stance and line up the ball to the target out on the range. Can be used for a variety of ways but their main purpose is to help you learn how to align properly your body and stance to the target to hit more accurate Golf shots. 

Do Golf Alignment Sticks Work? 

Using Golf alignment sticks can improve your golf game. Golfers who lineup incorrectly to the target end up hitting less than Stellar Golf shots. One reason you may be missing fairways and Greens and causing yourself bogies is the improper alignment with your golf stance. It’s worth giving these a try and once you feel of proper alignment using the sticks, you will be able to remove them and trust yourself to set up properly. 


After reading the above article on golf swing analyzer you should have a better understanding of what’s out there in the market to choose from. You may also check some home golf simulators and other devices that will help you improve your swing. It is important to remember that these devices can’t be sure of a swing slice or hook by themselves but the data you get back from these analyzers can be used to learn how your swing path and clubface are interacting to create the slice or hook spin.

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