How Can Managed IT Services Cater to Government Agencies in Washington DC

The US influences global events like no other country. And the centre of that power and influence is the great city of Washington DC, the capital of the US. As home to the White House and the Capitol Building, it has the offices of many government agencies and departments. Every bit of public data gets channelled into one or many of these offices for administrative purposes. The managed IT services in Washington DC can make it possible for government offices and personnel to achieve a reliable and beneficial IT performance they require

Office and Administrative Support provide the city’s highest employment opportunities, which stood at 34,536 in 2018. That number gives a glimpse of the sheer scale of data generated every day by government offices in the city. It is why the Mayor introduced an order to establish a data policy in 2017. With big data comes tough data management challenges. For government agencies, this challenge is on a whole different level due to its mission-critical nature.

Besides the data, the entire IT infrastructure needs good management for efficiency, accuracy, and security. Any downtime can bring the government itself to a grinding halt. 

Managing the Infrastructure That Manages the Country

The IT infrastructure management industry exists to ease the related burden that companies and government agencies have to bear otherwise. They have the resources, and technical expertise, to effectively juggle various responsibilities inherent to the work. Established IT services in Washington DC can work with the government to bring their many benefits to improve administration.

Guaranteed Security

When it comes to government data, security and privacy are paramount. Classified data keeps streaming across all communication channels all the time, and any leak at any point can jeopardize the nation’s security. Only the most secure infrastructure management practice employing the latest security measures can hope to stay immune to such threats.

An in-house IT team is a hard job even for large companies, let alone entire governments that always have their hands full. Hiring an IT services agency with the necessary confidentiality clauses can overcome this potential pitfall. They possess the equipment and staff who can handle the demands of the government’s secure and private IT processes.

In the age of highly sophisticated cyber attacks, the cybersecurity of government data is a no-compromise issue. Defence and intelligent departments require this guarantee more than any others.

Big Data Handling Capacity

The tech industry is consistently improving its capability and techniques for handling big data. This innovation is not a priority for a government, but it does generate data in quantities that need big data management. An outsourced IT management firm is the perfect candidate for this job.

Such IT management service providers can upgrade and scale their infrastructure in no time, allowing for ‘always-on’ big data management. They employ the latest technologies the industry has to offer for the purpose as well. They will have the expertise needed for the analysis and processing of the heaps of data. The government’s functioning gets efficient and streamlined due to the timely analysis and reporting.

Support That’s Never Down

If the government’s system goes down for a couple of minutes, it could bring many critical public services to a halt. If the government’s own IT team can’t do the necessary to stop any problem before it happens, there will only be confusion and chaos. This downturn is highly likely when such support teams have to manage both critical and mundane tasks.

DC’s metro service doesn’t need the IT-support priority similar to that of the Pentagon, for example. An external agency can take over much of the non-essential IT support, as it contains the resources to offer always-on support. They can even preempt any anomalies and attacks before they occur, based on their experience.

Tax Dollar Savings

Having an in-house IT infrastructure can pinch pockets quite a bit. In the government’s case, it means wasted tax dollars otherwise available for other crucial public services. Specialized IT management firms can provide the necessary service at a bargain in comparison.

Since they have economies of scale, they can reduce the overall costs of the service. Massive government contract negotiations at reasonable prices can save on the tax money. The result is a lean government that is high on financial resources and better equipped to serve the people.

Managed IT services in Washington DC are changing the way the city’s government agencies run. They are not bottlenecked any longer by inefficiencies and bloated risk management strategies but streamlined to better serve their purpose with guaranteed efficiency, reliability, and security.


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