Extraordinary and Simple Super-Apps to Boost Customer Experience

Various super-apps started to appear in Europe and the USA, while they became quite popular for users in Asia. Let’s discover everything about the most effective super-apps and how it’s possible to boost the customer experience with them. If you’re interested in buying and installing applications for improving your business, we suggest contacting a serious company that provides such services, for example, Infopulse.

Mike Lazaridis is an inventor of super-apps. In 2010, he defined this kind of app as a system that has multiple apps that are connected. According to Lazaridis, the super-app is a sort of an ecosystem. Nowadays, this term means many functions combined in the one app, including finances, entertainment, social media, and other services. With a powerful super-app, a user can do many things: talking or texting with pals, booking a room in a hotel, calling a taxi fast, and paying various bills. Imagine a great combination of Instagram, Uber, eBay, and WhatsUp in the one application to understand how this app works. Nowadays, to Europe and the USA banking systems, super-apps seems like a trend.


Why Super-Apps are Important

Let’s see the benefits of using these apps in banks.

  • With powerful apps, the distance between banks and customers can be increased

Applications like Alipay and WeChat provide various banking services to customers, including some products for investment and saving money. This means that with an application, banks can offer these services without direct talking with clients. Needless to say, it builds and boosts customer experience.

  • Super-apps can help boost customer experience

With these apps, client experience can be boosted significantly. For example, the information collected by the app may be used to boost various business processes. A client can use the program for a loan, and in the same way he or she uses the transactional data or social media data. Of course, these apps give clients more possibilities and functions compared to traditional banking services.

  • Super-apps are still connected with banks

Needless to say, many payments in these apps can be transferred using the standard banking structure. As an example, the WeChat app uses WeBank and WePay to make various payments and choose different services. Thanks to this strategy, both apps and banks get benefits: apps receive trustworthiness from clients, and banks may easily get access to big databases of users.

Why Do These Apps Seem So Super?

No matter where customers live, they use various applications every day. Of course, every app is having their payment system to buy some products or services. AS an example, below you can see the list of apps that may be used by a statistical customer:

  • Bank applications – to pay bills and check credit and debit card balances.
  • Investment applications – to manage money.
  • Payment applications – to pay for goods and services.
  • Ride-hailing applications – to get to the place in the city.
  • Hotel and travel applications – to book various hotels and rooms while traveling.
  • Reservation applications – to book tables in restaurants.
  • Transit applications – to use public transport.
  • Merchant applications – to make shopping.
  • Email applications – to read business emails.
  • Calendar applications – to organize meetings and make schedules.
  • Gaming applications – to distract and play.
  • Messaging applications – to chat with pals and coworkers.
  • Content applications – to read news and books.
  • Search applications – to find the needed information.
  • Dating applications – to find dates.
  • Fitness applications – to update information about health.
  • Navigation applications – to get the needed directions.

It may be very time-wasting to look through a pile of applications every day and make payments in various programs on your phone or computer. A good super-app combines all these applications into one.

Top 3 Super-Apps to Boost Customer Experience

If you’re having an online store and want to boost customer experience, we recommend choosing from the next super-apps:


This is a great app to build trust in your business and get success. This program is useful for big companies who are looking for stability. With this platform, the existing clients will definitely come back to your website, make purchases again, refer their relatives and friends, and make your online business more popular.

Wishlist Plus

This is a great app to increase your sales. Thanks to the tool, your clients can add their favorite goods and services to the wishlist and come back later to make purchases or share this with someone as a birthday wishlist. Needless to say, it helps to improve purchases and make your online business more popular. Understandably, not all people can make purchases right away but they might come back and do it later when they’re ready for it.

Birthday Email Discount

Clients love special surprises, and you can make a great one on their birthday. If you’re having an online store, you can send customers emails with discount codes on their birthday as a special gift. This will increase sales and make your clients feel loved!

As you can see, it’s easy to boost the customer experience of your online business with a powerful super-app. Choose the one for your e-commerce, and improve your business without stress!

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