How technology can be a big factor in Singapore Real Estate in 2019?

Real estate industry of Singapore has developed in many ways. Technology is one of the big factors that have impacted the industry in past few years. It continues to influence this field in the continuing years as well. 2019 will be a big year for the real estate industry of Singapore due to a number of technological developments.

Many experts in Singapore’s real estate industry have predicted the changes that will be experienced by the players within the industries. Here are some of the ways listed in which the changes will come:


Inception of chatbots

Chatbots will become a norm within the digital real estate industry. This trend has already begun in the industry. Intelligent personal assistants will be released by a number of real estate businesses to assist their customers in multiple ways. Accurate and instant answers can be received by the queries put forward by customers. Chatbots will be incorporated effectively by a number of real estate portals.

Dark analytics

The digital technology today has the ability to analyze just only a fraction of data. If the computer is advanced, then a large portion of the data can be analyzed in an effective manner. The predictive analytics can become much more sophisticated in 2019. Experts have predicted that the chances of this happening in Singapore are immense. Parc Esta is one of the real estate players that have been involved in such development.

Speedier operations

One of the trends that any company in real estate is looking forward is to perform faster and more efficiently. As the field of real estate is getting more sophisticated, it has become important that companies are able to process and work faster. Technology has allowed the agents and all the individuals associated with real estate to operate faster. The kind of responsive technology is now becoming a possibility in 2019. Given that real estate businesses will be able to perform better and faster, it will help them to generate more revenue.

Internet of Things in Real estate

Internet of Things has now become part of the real estate industry. It is essentially an idea of connecting different technologies for the creation of a more comfortable environment. This specific area of technology is gradually getting more into the limelight due to the integration of different technologies in one area. Real estate industry of Singapore is gradually making use of Internet of Things more and more for several purposes and the trend will continue to grow in 2019.

Privacy in real estate

Even though consumers would want more and more personalization in their online experiences but at the same time, they would want their privacy to be respectful at all the times. Similar applies to the real estate industry. Consumers are getting worried about the implications that would arise from their information being shred. However, the real estate industry is now gradually taking care of the confidential information being accessed by them.

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