How Technology Improve Automotive? – The Future of Technology

Technology has aided innovation in various industries. Through technology, the automotive industry has experienced tremendous improvements. We have seen advanced safety features added to modern vehicles and vehicle manufacturing has also improved tremendously. In this article, we explore various ways through which technology has changed the automotive industry.

  1. Technology Has Changed Vehicle Manufacturing

One of the most notable contributions of technology to the automotive manufacturing industry was by Henry Ford. In December 1913, Ford introduced the automated vehicle manufacturing process. This provided mass production of vehicles. Basically, Henry Ford was one of the vehicle manufacturers who contribut6ed so much into the concept of an automated assembly line. Today, the automated assembly line completes vehicle assembly in under3 hours. Done manually, vehicle assembly can take over 10 hours. This is a significant improvement that has helped to meet the increased demand for vehicles around the world.

  1. E-Commerce in the Automotive Industry

When E-commerce was first introduced to the world, not many people thought that it would mean so much in the buying habits of people. Today, buying all you need can be done from the comfort of your seat or bed. For instance, if you are looking for a replacement battery for your vehicle, you can order the Optima Yellow Top and it will be shipped to your preferred destination. So simple! You just need an internet connection, using a mobile device or while on the go, just purchase the replacement battery like that without the hustle of walking down streets looking for the battery sellers. Basically, you can also purchase a new auto and wheels from brand like BF Goodrich online and it will be delivered the next day after you have paid for it. This is also a significant improvement in the automobile industry as it connects the buyers to the sellers.

  1. Technology Has Aided Development of Safety Features for Vehicles

The changing technologies have helped to achieve a large impact in safety features for vehicles. Through advanced technology, the automakers have helped to reduce the number of accidents by just adding sensors. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have played a significant role in this. Some of the safety features include the rear-parking feature that assists the driver notifying him of any obstacles along the way, the anti-locking braking system that aids power brakes and inclusion of airbags that protect the driver and the passengers in case of an accident.

  1. Technology Helps to Make the Vehicles Affordable

The automated assembly line not only helps to increase the number of units being produced over a certain period of time, but it has also helped to reduce the cost of vehicles. This is by significantly reducing the cost of vehicle production and hence reduced the cost of vehicles. Owning a vehicle thus becomes affordable even to the middle class. Research and reduction of materials used in manufacturing the vehicles also have helped to reduce the cost of vehicles.

Those are some of the ways in which technology has impacted the automotive industry. Therefore, technology continues to be an enabler in the automotive industry and various other industries.


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