How to Buy a Pool Table?

Are you fond of playing billiards? Have you always dreamed of having a pool table in your home? If this wish is still a dream of yours, perhaps it’s time to buy a billiard table and enjoy your hobby whenever you want.

These furniture pieces fit well with the rest of the furnishings due to the assortment of styles, cloth, materials, and sizes. Playing billiards in your own house provides fun for the entire family. Nevertheless, the model you buy should be compatible with your room space and décor.

We hope this friendly advice will help you buy the best one.


Check the quality of the material

Given the scope of this investment, homeowners should be intricate in the choice of a tabletop material. The fineness of the material influences the quality of play, which is why you shouldn’t settle for a material of low quality. In order to make a smart decision, you have to research the properties of all the provided options.

Moreover, most low-end pool tables are made from synthetic materials like MDF, honeycomb, and slatron. Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is likely to warp as time goes by when exposed to condensation and temperature changes. It’s used by manufacturers whose goal is to prioritize lightweight before longevity. Read more about the various uses of MDF.

In contrast, honeycomb refers to a material with a compressed surface consisting of multiple plastic layers. The low quality of honeycomb doesn’t lie in its susceptibility to warping but the rough surface. Conversely, slatron, also known under the name permaslate, is the costliest and most long-lasting synthetics. It’s made of condensates and a covering of hard plastic.

Buyers looking for pool tables of premium quality should choose slate. This material meets the industry standards, which explains its costly price. Slate is resistant to warping and cracking, thus providing a smooth surface for clean shots. Italian and Brazilian slates are the most popular variants of slates in the market.

Given the large weight of this heavy rock, slate pool tables are usually transported in pieces, usually three sections. Normally, the sections are cut from one slab, not different ones. These models are impossible to move around often due to their bulkiness and weight. Therefore, homeowners should make the best choice of billiard table location.

The construction of this furniture piece includes a wooden frame, usually hardwood. Check out this URL,, to learn about the characteristics of hardwood and softwood. The tabletop materials should be supported with a minimum of two cross beams and a single central beam. The number of legs depends on the size of the billiard table.

Choose the best style

The style of pool tables is also important when buying the right model for your home. There are different styles to take into consideration, such as classic, contemporary, modern, dining, luxury, outdoor, etc. Classic models have been used for decades, covered in red and green. Their frame is made of hardwood, while the legs are decorated with old-fashioned patterns.

Contemporary models aren’t much different than classic pool tables; only the former replace the red and green cloth with patterned designs. Modern models, however, have nothing to do with the classic ones. Their designs are subtle and minimalistic. There is a wide assortment of cloth options and pocket designs. Neon lighting is used in the majority of modern models to place the accent on the shot angles.

Pool dining tables have a dual function, as homeowners can use them to play billiards and have a meal. The space underneath these furniture pieces is plentiful in order for chairs to fit perfectly. The convertible character of this furniture piece allows homeowners to play a game, after which they fit the tabletops and enjoy their meal.

Outdoor models are almost identical to the indoor variants. The only difference lies in the selection of materials. When shopping for a pool table for sale, it’s important for the model you buy to stand the test of time. Hence, outdoor models are made of special wood, treated to resist harsh weather elements and UV rays, which cause rot and warping. The cloth should be weather-resistant as well.

Pay attention to the size and spacing

Spacing is extremely important when selecting the size of a pool table. Despite the actual size of the table, buyers need to factor in the additional space around it and the size of the cues. Even if the model you purchase fits great in your living room, it’s worth nothing if there’s no adequate room around it. 8’ models are known as the professional size, whereas 8’ models are popular as the bar size.

Wrap up

Imagine having a billiard table in your house/apartment.

You no longer have to dream about it but buy one instead!

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