How to Buy a Smartphone That’s Perfect for Your Entertainment

Can you imagine your life without your phone? Many people would answer no for this question.  Smartphones have become so vital that you can’t imagine your life without this device. This small gadget helps do everything from sending work emails to reading books and watching movies to posting online messages. It’s your haven for entertainment, meeting friends, and connecting with the world. Hence, it would help if you took some time out before choosing a smartphone. 

How to Buy a Smartphone That’s Perfect for Your Entertainment? 

Good Display 

If you are a person who can’t have enough of their phone, this feature is relatively important. Display sizes are continually increasing, with sizes reaching 6.26 inches in some high-end phones like the HUAWEI Y7 2019. However, a screen size above 5.7 inches is perfect for enjoying gaming and movies. 

As far as the display types are concerned, you can find LCD and AMOLED displays with excellent colour and contrast quality. Variants of AMOLED display such as OLED or Super AMOLED give you darker blacks and better contrast. 

Next, you can choose the resolution, which can be full HD or Quad HD. Quad HD displays offer sharper images and enhanced clarity. But if you look at them, whether a full HD or a Quad HD, you will not find much difference. 

Smart Performance

A processor is the mind of your smartphone that supports its functioning. It’s the processor that makes it smart and allows it to function seamlessly. Hence, your phone’s processor performance must match your expectation. 

Snapdragon, MediaTek, Exynos 990, Apple A13 Bionic, and Kirin 990 are some popular processors that power the phones in different price ranges. Snapdragon processors are most popular for the Android phone, close to the Apple A13 Bionic of Apple devices. 

Gamers must pick the latest processor to support their gaming functions. The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor boasts a better CPU and GPU performance. 

RAM and Storage

You need to have a phone that can handle all the apps you have downloaded on your phone and other stuff such as music, movie, etc. With a phone having sufficient RAM, you can have several apps running in the background for an enhanced multitasking experience. 

Many smartphones offer a whopping 12 to 16 GB of data, enough to run most of the apps in your smartphone. When choosing the right storage, you must start at 128GB, which is the lowest in flagship models. 

You can get up to 512GB and give your phone adequate space to keep all your data in it and room for expansion.  Many phones have expandable memory; you can look out for this feature too. 

Faster Charging And Good Battery 

You must have realised that your phone battery drains out much quicker than during regular use whenever watching a movie or playing a game. Media, like video and gaming, can take a toll on your phone’s battery. So, it would help if you had a battery that would support uninterrupted gaming and video watching.

Phones that come with a battery capacity somewhere between 4000 to 6000 mAh battery will suffice. Besides having a large battery, you also need to have a smart charging feature. With fast charging, you quickly charge your phone and continue using it. 


Most of the video streaming or gaming in our phones is dependent upon good audio. You can’t separate these two. Good audio can offer you an immersive experience while watching a video, gaming, or enjoying your podcast. Hence, you must not ignore this feature while looking for a phone. 

A headset with front-facing speakers gives the best sound even if you hold the phone in landscape mode. Many flagship phones offer Dolby Atmos surround sound, which provides 360 degrees surround sound. Similarly, technology is present in the latest iPhones, which support spatial audio for immersive sound quality.


Camera matters a lot in phones, more than any feature you can say. Many of us only go for a phone because it has a fantastic camera quality. More and more smartphones are coming up now with an advanced camera.  

You must consider the camera if your phone is your primary video shooter for vlogs or camera for your social media posts. Many smartphones boast of a smart dual camera such as the HUAWEI Y7 2019 with other features like LED flash, HDR, and panorama. However, when you choose a phone, pay attention to the camera speed, aperture, and image quality. 

These were some essential features that you must check in your smartphone. Another aspect can be the design and aesthetics of the phone. But it is entirely a personal choice, and you can choose what phone you like. Most smartphones come in an attractive, sleek design, which is light-weight and easy to hold. 

Screens with Gorilla glass protection are very handy during accidental slips or falls. You can go through a range of smartphones with these features to select the best in your budget range.

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