How to choose a good writing application

A good application to write must meet multiple requirements. It must be simple to use; its interface must be free of distractions and must be integrated in the best possible way in the workflow of the writer.

With these fixed ideas, we have developed a short list of applications that meet all the requirements and, therefore, meet the needs of any person who is professionally or semi-professionally engaged in the writing of texts (writers, journalists, etc.) here

Writing App

While some prefer to write on your computer, you can not always take the computer wherever you go. Sometimes when you are away from home or work you have the time or you get some inspiration to write. For that reason, it is recommended to use the best writing applications for Android phones and tablets.

In addition to a very good text organization system, these apps are very useful tools for writing, such as support for markdown language, word and character counter, labels, average reading times, writing objectives, inserting images, annotations, etc. It also has multiple themes that modify the aesthetics of the application, focused writing modes and several export options to services such as WordPress or Medium.

They are available for iOS and macOS, and on both platforms it offers the same number of features, providing a uniform experience on all the devices on which it is available.

There are many powerful writing applications in the market. In addition to offering the basic characteristics of a markdown text editor, these apps had a very juicy ingredient: automation.

Through the elaboration of scripts, it is possible to automate tasks as diverse as the handling of links, the publication in modified versions of WordPress, etc. All this adds an extra degree of complexity that, obviously, not all users are willing to embrace. Only those who know how to express this application will enjoy its many possibilities as an on-the-go text editor.

To make sure you do not lose your saved files, you can even synchronize them with cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive, these apps believe in sharing great ideas, thus it permits you to export and share your files in numerous formats such as DOCX, TXT, HTML, RTF, PDF, and plain text. They offer an excellent organization, statistics, and styles to write.

The text editor offers editing functions such as font styles and lists and comes with a built-in dictionary. There are some other useful features, such as night mode, word counter, sliding gestures, Cloud Sync with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Once you have completed writing, you can see the document as a template in several sources such as Sans, Serif and Mono. Finally, you can connect your WordPress account with writing apps and publish from the application.

In addition, your work is also saved in real. The application permits you to make new files, and edit existing Microsoft Word or Google Docs files. The word editor offers many formatting options. In addition to these features, you can provide add-ons to get more functionality. Other useful features include page orientation, paper size, spell checking, word count, and being able to select to share them through a shared link or by sending the file.

As a result, you get most of the functions to which you are already accustomed. You can open a file from your device or a cloud service or create a new one with the application. As in your desktop version, you can choose from a series of templates such as a magazine, newsletter, research paper, etc.

When you create a new file, you can name it yourself or select “Auto-Name” that will name it according to the date and time. It is more convenient because, without the unnecessary format, you can focus more on the text.

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