How to Choose the Best Web Design for Your Michigan Retail Business?

Michigan is one of the constituent states of America with 83 counties. The state has a total area of 250,493 km². According to recent statistics, the population of Michigan stood at 9.9 million in 2020. North Michigan Avenue is one of the busiest retail corridors in the US.  If you own a retail business in any of its prime locations, you need to invest in a good web design MI to increase footfall in your stores.

Why Is a Website Crucial for Your Michigan Retail Business?

A website acts as an online platform to showcase your services and products. Today, you have options for thousands of web designs to build your website. However, you should not choose any random design for the sake of it. The website design should represent your business and satisfy the needs of the customer.  Here are some tips for choosing the best web design for your Michigan Retail business.

Focus on Emotion

Every day, an individual experiences a wide range of emotions like sadness, anger, happiness.  When the user visits your website, the design should create a positive emotion in the user. Emotion plays a crucial role in web design as it influences user’s behavior, affects their attitude, and changes their experience on the website.

It can be challenging to set up an emotional connection with a stranger audience. Hence, it would help if you researched your target audience to find their preferences, likes, and dislikes.  The six inspirational web design elements are colors, images, typography, environment, humor, and tones of voice.

You need to understand the local population’s demographics and the target audience when choosing a web design. According to the latest population figures, 997,075 of Michigan’s population are aged 18 to 24 years, while 6,719,972 people are 25 years and over.

Design for Storytelling

Storytelling is crucial for the success of your business. It refers to sharing messages in a way with an audience that drives engagement and encourages the user to complete the desired action like calling a salesperson, making a purchase, or subscribing to content.

According to experts, Generation X (people born between 1960 and 1979) likes good narratives.  A report in a magazine states, stories can be 22 times more memorable than bare facts.  Making storytelling a vital element of your design is to persuade the visitor to stay longer on the website and consume more content. Here are some tips for integrating storytelling into your web design

  • The homepage should act as an appetizer and showcase your brand values.
  • The website should have additional sections like Blogs or product pages to increase engagement.
  • You can have an Instagram feed on your website where each image gives the visitor a glimpse of the brand lifestyle and things customers can expect

Every inch of your web design in MI must tell a story. Your choice of buttons, icons, and fonts matter a lot in storytelling. Your choice of words also matters. For example, what words you will use for the shopping cart –shopping bag or goodie bag. What words you choose should reflect the image of your brand.

Good Navigation

Navigation is one of the crucial elements of the overall user experience. If the website does not have the right navigation menu, it will lead to delays in finding the right information and product. The worst part is the customer may feel frustrated and leave the site.

To create an excellent navigational menu, you can use the usability recording tools to show how visitors’ behaviors are on your website. Based on these inputs, you can organize content to ensure the navigation takes the user experience to a whole new level.

As per IWS data, around 82.1% of Michigan’s population has Internet access. Hence, it is more likely your prospective customer checks your website before visiting your retail store. If the overall website experience is good, the prospect will visit your retail store and make a purchase.

Focus on Accessibility

According to the Digital 360 report, consumers made online purchases worth $861.12 billion with US merchants. The total retail sales online have been on the rise in recent years, and you should tap the online shopping trend to grow your retail business.

Accessibility refers to the practice of making your website accessible to as many people as possible. For example, to help people with color blindness, you can use a combination of symbols and colors to deliver a message.

To sum up, the website design can make or break your business. There are around 1 billion websites in the world, and customers are always looking for something unique.  Make sure the website design is not unique, but it also helps you achieve business goals.

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