How to Cool Down your Laptop?

The laptop is a valuable investment to make. We tend to pursue all the measures to keep it protected from internal and external threats that may damage the computer. One of the most important things to address is over-heating of the system which may be detrimental to its longevity.

Heat can be a significant problem here. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your laptop cool. If you are one of them facing the problem, then here are the solutions to consider:

Laptop Cooling Pad

Keep it on a flat and hard surface

This is the first and foremost remedy. Make sure the laptop is not placed on a soft surface such as your bed. Even don’t nestle it between you and the pillow. Rather, find a flat and hard surface. This is to maintain good air flow. Do not even place it on the floor as it accumulates dust particles. Also, make sure you don’t place it on your lap. Try to work in a cool room and prevent the laptop from exposure to direct sunlight.

Clean the dust

One of the reasons why the laptop excessively heats up is dust. There is a variety of ways to address this. The best way is to buy a can of compressed air and spray quick bursts into the vents. A swab of cotton can also be used to get rid of any visible dust. You can even open the panels and clean the fans directly using a soft cloth. Just be sure that the components are sensitive and must be handled with care.

Adjust the settings

The laptop must be adjusted internally to cope up with the heavy graphics load. This especially applies to move-fanatics and gamers. The primary objective is to reduce the workload of the machine. For instance, you can reduce the screen brightness and close the applications not in use to help the laptop cool down. Power-management settings must be activated properly. This contributes a lot in tackling the issues associated with excessive heating.

Purchase a stand

There is a multitude of laptop stands available in the market. Some come with fans while others don’t. Some even feature cushions. Do the research and purchase the best stand in the market. However, if you are low on budget, then make one for yourself. Look out on the Internet for D.I.Y methods in order to keep the laptop as cool as you can.

Give it a rest

This point especially applies to users who use the laptop constantly. Divide your time between different systems if you own more than one computer. Do not close or hibernate the laptop every few minutes. Treat the laptop with care so it can be used for a longer period.

There were some ways to keep the laptop cool and protected. You can also monitor the temperature to have an idea about its performance. Follow these tips on a consistent basis to keep the laptop safe, secure, and of course, cool.

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