How to Increase Your YouTube Video Views for Free

Don’t have enough money to buy Youtube views? If yes, then check out these 7 ways that are certain to help you in increasing the views of your YouTube videos without spending any amount.

  1. Create a title that is interesting and short

When making a title, it shouldn’t necessarily describe the video; instead, it should be viewer-centric. And if possible make it shorter yet interesting.

  1. Write a great description

When it comes to the video description, make sure to tell viewers a story rather than describing what is happening in your video. Further, be entertaining and keep in mind that that description part isn’t the best place for hitting messaging points.

  1. Pick a nice thumbnail

Remember, if you let Youtube automatically pick the thumbnail for your video, there is a possibility that it won’t be interesting.

As a piece of advice, consider using the screenshot feature of your computer to capture a photo from your content that is interesting and emotionally compelling and then upload it. Don’t worry, because uploading thumbnails is pretty easy.

  1. Feature your video on your Youtube Page

The moment you have uploaded your video, make sure that it is featured on your front page.

Even so, people who are looking at your channel should see your newest video. As a matter of fact, this makes your channel looks relevant, up-to-date, and most importantly, it makes your videos the center of attention.

  1. Choose the right tag for SEO purposes

Your constituents may be using this platform as their search engine that is why you should be too.

Make sure that you carefully think about how people are searching and ensure that you include these keywords in the video tags.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that what others are searching is not always the exact video description.

  1. Upload often and early

The majority of people do not click URLs that are posted on various social media channels. Thus make sure to post a video on a regular basis for at least one month. In addition to that, keep your content fresh by simply changing the images and headlines that you featured before. By doing so, your Youtube video views will dramatically increase.

  1. Add a pop-up or lightbox on your site

Videos can be a great help most especially if you want to inform people about your business regardless of how and why people are visiting your website.

Thus, if you don’t own a lightbox, then make sure that your Youtube video is seen on your site’s homepage. After all, your videos deserve to be highlighted. Also, it is new content and your loyal fans would love to watch it.


By simply following a few of the seven ways mentioned above, rest assured you will be able to increase the number of views of your Youtube videos without spending amount.

But nevertheless, if you want to obtain a significant number of views in an instant, consider purchasing them. After all, they’re not as expensive as you think.

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