How to Remove Armpit Hair Safely

When it comes to the battle between body hair and discomfort, underarm hair is a pretty hard to beat in the area of annoyance. Thankfully, armpit hair doesn’t have to be hard to beat when it comes to the process of getting rid of it.

What makes underarm fuzz such an uncomfortable feeling? These strands of hair tend to be on the thicker end of the spectrum. Once they break through the skin’s surface after they has been taken out, they create a prickly feeling that can be fairly itchy and aggravating.

Before you fall into the ‘pits’ of despair, learn how to remove your armpit hair safely, to regain a soothing feeling in the area where you are typically sweaty in and rubbing against during the course of an average day.

IPL Devices

No longer are the days when your only options for getting rid of underarm hair were merely shaving, waxing, or uncomfortable creams. Now you can attack this issue with contemporary IPL  hair removal.


IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, which is a type of light therapy that is utilized to treat wrinkles, age spots, sun damaged skin, and hair removal. What is especially great about IPL devices is that they can be used at home for a personalized hair removal experience in the privacy of your own domestic living area.

How does IPL work for you? It releases light onto your skin across the treatment area, penetrating the pigmented cells in your skin with heat, removing both stubborn hair follicles and the irritation as well. The process is simple, brief, and works best with regular usage.


Before Hair Removal Sessions


What should you do before a hair removal session? Make sure that your skin is properly hydrated two or three nights before the treatment. When skin is really dry, it will sting after shaving.


With IPL treatments for armpit hair removal, the light penetrating the pores on the skin are meant to be so powerful that they burn the roots of the hairs. Therefore, if the skin is dried out and extremely dehydrated, you are increasing the chances for discomfort during the process.

Aside from hydrating the skin two or three nights before a permanent IPL hair removal treatment, you should also shave lightly and leave behind some leftover hair. There needs to be some minor hair at least to attract light for the treatment to work properly. Speaking of permanent treatments, it could be semi-permanent in some cases, needing for additional treatment sessions.

What to Expect  


IPL’s light targets hair pigments, making darker colored hair easier to remove. White hair, gray hair, blonde hair, and red hair are more difficult to target. Also, dark skin tones don’t work with IPL devices.


The best time to take on hair removal is probably during the colder, winter months where we tend to cover up.  This should not entirely affect the underarm area, but exposure to the sun after an IPL treatment could result in significant sunburn to the treatment area because of the skin being sensitive after each treatment.

Acne, eczema, and pregnancy make skin unsuitable for permanent hair removal for hygiene and safety reasons.


Remain Patient


Patience is important when removing armpit hair safely. For the most ideal results, remain consistent. IPL devices won’t likely remove your underarm hair permanently with one treatment. But regular treatments every four weeks will significantly slow down the hair’s growth cycle, leading to permanent removal.

You can shave in between IPL sessions and the volume and speed of hair growth are not affected by shaving. Plus, IPL treatments aim for the root of the hair, so it is encouraged to shave the day before the treatment, for smooth skin prior to the treatment.

Now that you have what it takes to perform armpit hair removal safely, all that is left is to take action and get those underarm surfaces silky.


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