How to Watch a 3D Movie in Your Backyard

You want to have the full 3D movie experience without dealing with the crowds or traffic, which is when this idea popped into your head. The only problem is figuring out everything you need to comfortably watch a 3D movie in your backyard, and that’s what you’ll be learning about here.

Find a Projector

Firstly, you need a projector that can play 3D shows and movies. It will be difficult to find a television set as most TV manufacturers aren’t producing TVs with this feature.

Sadly, the hunger for 3D content isn’t where it should be, so it makes sense why many TV manufacturers have made this decision. Projectors, however, will probably have 3D capabilities, usually DLP and LCD projectors. You want to confirm this before you purchase the projector. The good thing is the 3D feature is just one benefit of the projector. You’ll still be able to see regular movies or shows.

3D Enabling Glasses

The next thing you need to enjoy this type of content in your backyard is 3D glasses. You need to purchase enough for everyone who’ll be watching these movies or shows with you. If you’ve got kids, consider getting fun, creative-looking glasses that they’ll love to wear.

These types of glasses are relatively inexpensive, so buying a few won’t be too bad. Now, you have to study the pair of glasses you’re thinking of purchasing. Every pair is not compatible with every 3D device. Before you buy the glasses, make sure they are universal or that they are compatible with the device you’re using to play your 3D content.

The 3D Media Player

The next thing you need to worry about is having a 3D-ready media player. There are various types you can choose to play your media, like a regular Blu-Ray player as long as it’s ready to play 3D content. You could also consider using streaming devices so that you could stream the content you want to watch.

Some 3D content is also shown through cable or satellite services, so as long as you’ve got a device that’ll give you access to that content, you’re good to go. Be sure the device you use can connect to your projector through VGA, USB, or an HDMI port. Some devices can connect through wi-fi, and if that’s your goal, be sure the signal is strong enough outdoors. If you need to purchase a wi-fi amplifier, then go ahead and do so. These little devices can help everyone in your home receive a stronger signal, and that speeds everything along.

The Case for a Screen

Okay, the next thing you’re probably worried about is the screen itself. You may be asking yourself if you need to buy a special screen to watch your 3D content, and the answer is no. You can use any screen you want, even those inexpensive inflatable ones. If you’ve got a used one, then make sure it’s still in good condition, and you should be fine.

The only time you should worry about the type of screen you’ll be using is if you’re trying to use a dual projection system. Some folks who want to enjoy 3D content use this system to project content for each eye. In essence, you’ll be running two projectors to screen the same content. If this is you, you’ll need to purchase a polarization preservation screen, which should be able to give you the bright images while balancing lower light images that should give you the 3D experience you’re hoping for.

It’s important to seek out 3D content and pay for it if you want studios to continue investing in this type of content. Don’t just keep it to yourself; go ahead and be a cheerleader for this by screening 3D events in your house to get friends and family members to fall in love with this media format.

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