How to Write Influential Guest Blogs for Business Marketing?

When implemented correctly, guest posting can prove to be an influential tool for business marketing. It has benefitted several major businesses in the industry. It is a great tool to develop authority in the industry.

In this article, we will tell you how to make the most out of this marketing technique.


Identify Guest Blogging Objectives

For guest blogging to work for your business, it is required that you start with the identification of your business goals. It will help you determine the right type of blogs to post guest blogs.

In most cases, guest blogging is done for the following objectives:

  • To position your business as an authority and a credible name in the industry.
  • To get exposure to your website.
  • To develop backlinks to the website.

By posting top-quality guest blogs on influential websites that have strong root domain authority, you can accomplish all three objectives in the business. Knowledge about the business goals will help in the determination of the right blogs to submit your guest posts to.

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Things to Consider When Finding the Best Website for Guest Blogging

  • Find the websites that are relevant for your industry or niche
  • Find websites that are focussed on the industry or niche in which you perform
  • It is important for the website audience to be interested in your niche
  • The website should have engaged viewership.
  • The website owner should be active on social media so that your guest post will reach a lot of audience in their social media contacts.

Target the Right Areas to Get Guest Post Opportunities

These are a few ways to find websites for guest posting are:

  • Google Searches
  • Prolific Guest Bloggers
  • Competitor Backlinks
  • Social Searches

Find What Guest Posts Give You the Best Performance

Every guest blogger would want their guest posts are accepted and give them the best results. For it to happen, it is important to pitch the website owner with content ideas/ topics that would be appreciated by their audience.

There are several websites and tools you can find online that can help you find what posts have maximum engagement on social media. By selecting the best topics for your guest post, you can reap the advantages that you expect from its implementation.

Look at The Behaviour of Successful Guest Bloggers

Another important thing is to look into the practices and methodologies used by guest bloggers that make them successful. It will help you know how they get more likes and comments on their articles. It can also let you know what does not work in guest blogging.

Pitching a Guest Post

Here are a few techniques that you should know when contacting the blogs to write guest posts for them.

  • Learn about the niche of the target blog
  • What is the level of audience i.e., beginners, advanced or intermediate? Find out whether the audience is general viewers or businesses.
  • Find out what kind of content do they write. It could be specific, elaborate tutorials, lists, general concepts, etc.


Guest blogging is a remarkable tool to enhance the visibility of your business. If you have not used it yet, then start using it to see its numerous benefits. However, do not get so engrossed in it that you start to overlook your blog. Taking the assistance of guest post service providers can help you get more readers from the community of your guest bloggers.

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