People are more concerned about their devices like smartphones, Tab, notebooks, or laptops but are not interested in thinking about a Power adapter and cable that make your device run.

There are lots of power adapter and cables are available in the market but due to the lack of interest in power cables and adapter people have very little knowledge about it.

Today, I will try to let you know the importance of using the right power adapter and cable. Also, I will suggest you a Power adapter which will be suitable for your devices.

Let’s start with the edge of having the right power adapter and cables:

Power Adapter:

A power adapter is a device that converts the high power voltage from 240V to a small amount of power, which your small device can consume safely. If you try to power your small device directly from high power energy, your small device cannot bear it, and the result could be unexpected.

That’s why the power adapter manufacturing company produces different power adapters according to the devices that will be powered through it. 

Power Cables:

Power Cables

There are many kinds of power USB cables in the market, such as type A, B, C, Mini USB, Micro USB, etc.

Type A: In almost every cable, you will find type a USB because it works like a connector. Whether you are using type B, C, Mini, or Micro USB, you will find type A USB on the other side of the cable because type A connects the cable to a power adapter or laptop.

Type B Cable: This is one of the oldest USB types used for printing machines and similar devices.

Mini USB: The oldest phone, MP3 player, MP5, etc., used to give this type of cable, but now only you will find it with digital cameras.

Micro USB: Microb USB is one of the widely used USB cables in the market. Till now, most mid-range smartphone manufacturing companies provide micro USB cable in the phone box.

Type C: The newest and fastest USB cable in the market. It has the ability to transfer data and power faster than other existing cables in the market.

The reason behind elaborating all those theoretical things is to let you know why you should be careful to choose the right power adapter and cables for your beloved devices.

After Analyzing the maximum power adapter and cables, I have decided to suggest you the new Huawei 65W USB-C power adapter.

Let me tell you why

The new Huawei 65W USB-C power adapter supports power up multiple devices like smartphones, Matebook X, X pro, and E. It has protection from being overheated after a long time of use.

As it comes with the USB-C cable that allows fast charging to your devices.

Because of its ability to charge all your devices, It will decrease the burden of taking multiple chargers for multiple devices in travel time. The minimalist design and low weight make the Huawei 65W power adapter more convenient.

In conclusion, I want to tell you one thing: don’t compromise with the power adapter and cable quality, which can be harmful to your device.


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