Is Safe & Legal? [Review]

Free online movie streaming websites are rising rapidly some of the popular ones include FMovies, SolarMoviez, XMovies8, GoMovies and many more. What these kind of websites do is allow the people to watch the latest movies and TV shows online without paying anything. They source these in HD quality to their websites and have Ads as their source of income to manage those servers.

The question that arises here is if it is legal to watch movies online on these websites? In review, we will be sharing all our research and know from our expert contacts in the field of cyber security (online streaming), on is safe or not.


GoMovies Review

There are a lot of good things about which make it a superb online movie streaming website. It became popular recently after 123Movies rebranded itself 3 months ago. Let’s us have a look at some stunning features of this website before we talk about it’s legitimacy. review

  • You can stream without having to create an account or sharing any kind of credit card details
  • Tons of movie titles and TV shows uploaded and updated regularly as they are released
  • User interface is elegant and the organisation of content is classy and super easy to navigate as well
  • All movies & TV shows can be sorted by Genre, Country & Top IMDb ratings as well

  • If you choose to create a new account on this website, you get an additional benefit of being able to request movies or TV shows which you prefer and aren’t available on the website
  • Doesn’t matter what part of the world you are staying in, GoMovies is at your service to provide the best movie streaming experience

Is Safe?

Ensuring your security is the first step when you are dealing with something new. Though GoMovies is used by a million of users around the globe, if it’s actually safe to use. The truth is it is perfectly SAFE since there is no chance that the developers have gone so much trouble just to steal user information and just infect your systems to play with you all.

Virus & Ad Free

As we just told you it’s safe to use GoMovies, we would like to make sure that you do not leave any loose ends from your side since there have been records that such sites have been hacked by anonymous hackers and because of this we recommend you to use an Anti-virus & a Malware software which keeps you totally safe while streaming movie on any such websites.

One more thing which you should take care of is the Ads/Pop-ups. Although GoMovies has considerably very less of these as compared to 123Movies, but we cannot neglect the fact they do need them to pay for their huge servers. As a regular user, it is quite possible that you might be irritated with those repeated pop-ups going up and in order to control those, you should use a Pop-up blocker (Chrome extension) which would make your streaming experience a bliss.

Is GoMovies Legal in USA, India, UK?

Now we come down to the legitimacy of GoMovies, is it illegal to stream movies on this website? NO, it is not. The most vital thing to consider here is that you are not downloading/uploading any content so you are safe upto a certain degree. Basically the legal authorities would go for the ones who own the website and not the end users. Also they own the servers and source the content through them, so we can say that 90% of the legal responsibility is on their shoulders.

If you want to know how you can tell if a website is totally legal to stream movies on, you can read this article on the Balance. So we hope you are clear on this issue. We would like to advice you to use a VPN which allows you to anonymously access websites, if in case you want to be 100% safe.

An excerpt from an answer in one of the Quora threads, “Just like torrent, you are using this site to download or stream a movie or a TV show so not illegal for you but the site is illegal.

Final Words

We would like to add our own recommendations which are best for you. Though in this GoMovies review we told you to use an Antivirus, Malware & a VPN to be on the safe side, it’s better to stay at a distance from such websites.

Some good as well as cheap alternatives to these websites are using USB sticks like Firestick or Roku along with Kodi to stream unlimited free movies & TV shows with different add-ons.

You can also go for paid online streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime which provide superb quality as we have experience with all of these. Feel free to drop in your questions below, we tried our best to answer if is safe to use or not.

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