Is Playing Draftkings Legal?

Over the past several years, DFS (daily fantasy sports) have gained popularity due to an increase in fantasy players, the chance to win real money and flexibility they provide in comparison to season-long fantasy sports leagues. The complex gambling laws in the United States have made it confusing for many players to make out where they can play legally. DraftKings Sportsbook offers a promo code that gives new users up to a dollar thousand in free bets.


Is It Legal To Play Draftkings Daily Fantasy?

Recent laws are complicated, and there is no simple answer. In 2018 the Supreme Court struck down a law blocking sports betting and left legality up to the individual states. The places like Arizona, Alabama, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada or Washington, DraftKings do not operate and are illegal in these States.

The situation is complicated in some states such as Texas and California. Nowhere there has been more controversy than New York, it has previously sued and won cases against DraftKings for more information regarding this read here. The DFS bill is again under the eye of legislators and the law may get changed in the near future.

DFS is legal in Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia and Rhode Island. Nevada regulates gambling and DraftKings daily fantasy currently does not operate there.

Is It Legal To Play Draftkings Sportsbook?

It may soon become legal to do sports gambling across the United States, but currently, DraftKings Sports Book does not operate in the above-listed state and that also bans Daily Fantasy. Currently, sports betting is legal in Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Mississippi, also in Nevada, in partnership with a Casino. Currently, DraftKings is not an option but it may become available there.

How To Play Draft King In A State Where It Is Not Currently Legal?

It may be possible to play DraftKings Sports Book even if you are in a state where it is not legal, but you have several obstacles to overcome. At first, you will have to use a virtual private network or VPN which disguises the state you are accessing the site from by giving you a proxy address of a state where it is legal. Most commercial VPN will not work to do this, as the VPN programs and the IP addresses have been blocked by DraftKings because they try to use the IP addresses from legal States.

If somehow you manage to setup VPN to convince DraftKings you are playing in a Legal State, you need to consider the complications of providing an address and legal form of payment based in that state. Be careful as you may fall into legal issues outside of gambling laws if you misrepresent your address, name or other details to access a payment mode.

To play DraftKings Daily Fantasy in a non-Legal State may face the same problems, but not on a daily basis. Every time you set or tweak a fantasy lineup, you need to go through the process of making sure your VPN and payment details are based in a legal state.

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