Is KissAnime Safe & Legal? [Review]

If you are an Anime and Manga lover, (previously has to be your favorite place to watch the latest anime shows, totally for FREE. Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball Z, Death Note and thousands more, you name it and KissAnime has it. Though recently there have been a lot of speculations and questions regarding the safety of the viewers while streaming on the website. People are worried about the pop-ups and malware threats and want to ensure their security while they surf KissAnime.

In this review, I will discuss it’s amazing features and also share information that is backed up with good proof and resources, that will help answer all your queries and clear doubts. You will find tons of threads on the Internet titled, “Is KissAnime safe to use right now?” or “Is KissAnime legal in USA, Germany and India?“. Let’s cut the crap and find out the answers to all these questions right away!


KissAnime Review

This is hands down the best website rated by the users to watch almost every Anime show and is updated very frequently with the latest episodes. It has nearly 6 million monthly visitors according to Ahrefs (a very famous traffic tracker) which clearly shows it’s popularity around the world.

Now what would be the reason behind such a huge number of visitors? Well, it’s the huge list of dope features that the website offers which keeps people addicted to it. Before we head on to analyse the security of KissAnime, let’s have a look at the cool features it has which makes it worthwhile for the viewers.

  • Has the largest Anime show collection with a list of 7000+ episodes that are updated daily
  • The sections like “Latest update”, “New & Hot”, “Recent Additions” & “Most popular” makes it super easy to choose by going through all the options in an organised manner
  • Using the search field, you can easily find your favorite Anime shows instantly
  • They also have provided a Report/Request section that allows you to report broken episodes, irritating ads, new Anime and other problems if any
  • Registered members have some perks which the normal guest user doesn’t have which includes getting auto-notified on a new episode release of a bookmarked Anime, disabling auto-play, check history of your watched and not watched shows
  • It also has its own forum called “KissCommunity” where you can engage with other Anime lovers and also discuss any queries or technical issues you face on the website

Is KissAnime Safe?

Yes, it is safe to use KissAnime in 2017 given the different speculations that are floating around. According to MyWoT, scored 83/100 (for Trustworthiness) and 80/100 (for Child Safety) which makes it quite safe as per the Internet standards as well.

It’s a sweet website created by some talented developers and entrepreneurs with the main aim of providing the best service to the Anime lovers around the world. They have put it immense hard-work to make this happen, they don’t intend to hack your computer by injecting malware or dangerous viruses into your system. It’s an SSL secured site as well which makes it quite safe to browse.

Though the pop-ups and the malware threats which you are afraid of is totally understandable. Since KissAnime would be your primary source of Anime consumption, it’s better to stay away from all these unwanted ads. I have a simple solution to get rid of these, all you need to do is:

  • Download uBlock Origin and Essentials for Kissanime Google Chrome extensions (Essentials for Kissanime is available only for Google Chrome, but you should be able to find uBlock for Mozilla FireFox.)

Is KissAnime Legal in USA, India and Germany?

When it comes to the legal verification, it’s quite a challenge. KissAnime is not legal and no free online streaming site is. The reason for the same is because they are hosting all the content on their own servers without any permissions from the official sources.

What this really means, is that all the legal responsibility is of the owners of the servers on which all the content is being hosted. The end users, us, do not have any obligations since we are just watching it on our screens. No one till date has been prosecuted or arrested for streaming free content available online. In whatever part of the world you live in, unless you are not downloading/uploading content without official rights, you are pretty safe and you don’t need to worry about the legal part.

Though, I personally use and recommend you as well to use IPVanish VPN service which hides your location and makes your access to such sites 100% anonymous. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Grab this superb offer below now!

Final Words

With this we come to the end of this KissAnime review. I hope you were able to learn a lot of things which you were not aware of. The things I talked about matter and to be safe, do make sure you follow the above instructions and advices.

Once you are familiar with everything I mentioned above, then you can easily answer the question “Is KissAnime safe?” anywhere without any confusions. Do share this post if you think it can be helpful for others and comment below if you have any queries or ideas for me.

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