Is KissAsian Safe and Legit? [Review]

Are you a fan of Asian drama? Are you looking for series from Asian production houses, with Asian characters and storylines? Is your search still in vain? Then you do not need to worry anymore! I, myself was looking for sites with some Asian drama series, just because they keep me captivated to the very end.

So I told to myself, “If there are sites catering to the needs of anime fans, then there must be one on the similar lines for drama series fans”. It turns out that I was not wrong at all. Just like the Kissmanga, Kissanime and other sites for anime fans, we have Kissasian for drama series fans.


What is Kissasian?

Kissasian is an online platform for watching Asian drama TV series and movies; it caters to the needs of the melodramatic. Some of the amazing features of this site are:

  • A grand total of 2840 TV series pertaining to Asian drama
  • From the old to the latest of oriental entertainment industry
  • A large list of popular Asian movies
  • This site does not force you to turn off your ad blocker
  • You can request new drama and also report error, as when you feel the need
  • You can browse shows from South Korea, China, Japan and Malaysia, lucidly places in genres
  • An amazing video player with many features to thrill
  • You have the option of watching both subbed and dubbed episodes along with info on whether you have the complete series till now

After all these amazing features, as always, the burning question is: Is Kissasian safe and legit? Let’s dwell more into it’s safety and legitimacy, but before that let’s stall the fake ones out.

Which is the real Kissasian?

There are loads of fake sites running on the game of this branch of kiss series sites. Well, the reason that this question is of importance is, that other sites are much more susceptible to temporary failures and also harmful for our devices. ‘’ is the real KissAsian site and and others are just a fake copy. Now, you know which pool to go to for quenching your thirst for Asian drama.

Is KissAsian Safe?

What does it mean when I say some site is safe? It means, that our computer or PC is not harmed by viruses or other malware upon visiting these sites. Having cleared that, I would like to ascertain that Kissasian is perfectly safe and friendly.

Kissasian does not force us to turn off adblocker and hence let’s us evade most of the malware through that.
In the recent past, Kissasian has changed its ad hosts. This is leading to errors on devices with Adblocker turned on. There is no need to worry though. I will now embellish some error fixing points for your pain:

  • Go to your Adblocker settings
  • Open the filters tab.
  • Copy the link given below and paste them in the space:
  • Commit any one of the above filters and apply.
  • Then refresh your browser (you can even restart your device, if you wish).
  • The second one of the links worked well for me. If you still face some issues, then wait for it as the error would be due to maintenance or geoblocking ( later in this blog, we will guide you through geoblocking as well).

Here’s a nice trick for you guys! Yes! You may have guessed it right, you need a VPN. VPN lets us pass through and access geo blocked sites. VPN hides your identity, while you can access the site safely from a different geolocation. Have a happy and joyful viewing experience!

Is KissAsian Legit?

Most of the times safety and legitimacy go hand in hand. Though it is not always true. Kissasian, though is safe for browsing and viewing our favourite drama series and movies from the orient, the ways it uses to deliver them to us are not safe.

What does that mean? It means that while some of the drama airing rights are bought Kissasian, there are still many episodes on it, which are aired illegally. This in turn means, that the producers of the show hold the rights to sue the site altogether. Needless to say, it can be a cause of worry, if the site is banned.

Kissasian: Pros & Cons

As not everything is gold, KissAsian is not exception and it has its own good and bad. So here’s what I think are it’s benefits and what it lacks.


  1. A very user friendly site, easy to navigate.
  2. A humongous list of Asian drama series and popular movies.
  3. A great support service, along with options to request new content and reporting errors.
  4. No need to turn off Adblocker.


As, Kissasian does not buy rights for some of the series on it, it rips the creators some of the money they rightfully own.
The subbed and dubbed division would still need some upgrades.

How to Download KDrama and Movies from KissAsian [VIDEO]

Final Words

KissAsian is an amazing site; it is handcrafted for the best dosage of oriental drama and movies. In its design, the whole site just enhances the user experience, be it the design of site, its services, forums, or support. I would recommend KissAsian for this ultimate experience. KissAsian, might be unavailable in some countries, though we all know the solution to it.

Leave us comments and let me know what you think about how safe KissAsian is and fire away any queries you have. Cheers!

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