Is Kissmanga Safe & Legit? [Review]

I, like many people around the world, am a big time fan of anime. Be it the free willed pirate world of One Piece or the spirit realm of YuYuHakusho, they all inspire you to be better. Unlike a decade back, today, there is no shortage of online sites, where I can read the manga or watch their anime versions.

Today, I can read your favourite manga’ episodes online for free, accessible as and when released. The list of fascinating mangas is humongous. The demand and supply of these shows, is like the busiest highways on earth. The major crisis in my mind as a reader is, “Which of these sites is safe and legit?”. In this review, I will reveal if Kissmanga is safe to use or not.


What is KissManga?

Kissmanga is an online platform, where I (and you as well) can read manga. It has one of the best user interface to read manga. Some of it’s main features are:

  • The manga pages are continuous, that means you do not have to click each time I need to go on the next page.
  • A plethora of manga’ from every genre to fulfill our manga desire
  • This site does not force me to turn off adblocker.
  • You have the added privilege of making a free account and getting on forum over kissmanga (discussing what could happen next or contemplating on what happened).
  • Over kissmanga, you can request new manga episodes and also report error.
  • You can even watch anime versions of these mangas.

Now, the only that is still bothering me would be, “Is KissManga, safe and legit?”. Let’s answer that query below. But, before we answer that let’s clear the air on the real KissManga website.

Which is the Real Kissmanga?

The site which reads ‘’ is the real kissmanga. The other sites like ‘’, ‘’, etc are not the real ones. The reason, for me, behind telling you all this is, that the fake ones are down from time to time. This is not good in terms of user experience as the real kissmanga site is very engaging and user friendly.

It is very frustrating, when you have been waiting all week for the next episode of One Piece and the ‘fake site’ is down. Moreover, you will think that the kissmanga site is no good, when all along you have been missing the awesome real site.

Is Kissmanga Safe?

What does it mean when I say some site is safe? It means that our computer or PC is not harmed by viruses or other malware upon visiting the sites. Having cleared that, I would like to ascertain that kissmanga is perfectly safe and friendly. Kissmanga does not force us to turn off adblocker and hence let’s us evade most of the malware through that.
Though, kissmanga has recently changed their ad hosts, which has lead to a few problems. Some ads just pop up now!

For that follow the below procedure:

  • Go to your adblocker settings.
  • Open the filters tab.
  • Add the below in the text field and save:
  • Then commit, apply changes and refresh the browser.
  • This worked for me like a peach on the table

Is Kissmanga Legit?

While it’s completely safe to surf those relishing mangas from kissmanga, the question that still remains is about kissmanga’ legitimacy. The ways kissmanga gets us those mouth watering manga and anime is not safe. That means, kissmanga has no rights bought from the seller or owner for ‘all’ the mangas on it, for them to appear on its platform. Kissmanga itself is a legitimate site though.

KissManga: Pros and Cons


  1. Kissmanga is safe.
  2. You can read almost every manga and watch anime. You can request those which are not there.
  3. User friendly site with a very active support service from the site.
  4. It’s free to read or watch.


Since some of the manga rights are not bought by the site, I would be cheating the creator of manga by reading his created manga or viewing its anime version.

Final Words

Kissmanga is the by the most user friendly site for reading manga. The continuous pages reading, make it the most interesting for me. In its design, the whole site just enhances the user experience, be it the design of site, its services, forums, or support. I would recommend this website for the ultimate manga-reading experience.

Kissmanga, might be unavailable in some countries, though we all know the solution to it. Yes! You are right, you need a VPN. VPN hides your identity, while you can access the site safely from a different geolocation. Have a happy and joyful reading experience! Leave us comments, for any further queries you might have.

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