[FIXED] Kodi “YouTube Daily Limit/Quota Exceeded” Issue

We have been using Kodi for a while and we can’t deny the fact that it is one of the best online free and safe streaming software. It has made watching YouTube videos and subscriptions easy as the channel comes on your television effortlessly. All thanks to the 500 developers of the software who have been putting all their efforts in making this innovation, a peerless one. From being used on a smartphone, you can use Kodi on various devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV stick and much more.

What else can one ask for when they get technology and convenience brought to one platform? But hey wait! There’s something that can be bothersome. YouTube coupled with Kodi can be irritating although people have gotten used to the amalgamation. When you watch YouTube on Kodi, the view can be obstructed due to the bugs and error messages that keep on popping.

You will encounter error messages in different texts; however, the most common one is “Kodi YouTube Quota Exceeded.” Is there a way to solve it? Don’t be surprised when I say, “Yes, there is.” The procedure is simple and hassle free. Try it and get rid of this annoying issue that can ruin a day.


Steps to Fix YouTube Daily Limit Exceeded Problem

1. Set up a project in Google Cloud Console

  • Go to Google Cloud Platform to begin with
  • Once you have reached the main page, you need to click on “Project
  • Select “Create Project

You can choose to name the project the way you want to. You can go funky or professional with the name selection (I named it “GoYouTubeKodi“). In the process, you may get calls trying to approach you for making payments for an upgraded version of their services.

You can ignore them happily as those calls are for those developers who are extensively into this software. Your job is to make YouTube work with Kodi, nothing more, right?

2. Enable YouTube Data API

The second step is to put YouTube Data API to work by enabling it. You must be wondering where to find it.

  • Now go to the API Libraries section and
  • Click on “YouTube Data API” under the YouTube APIs section

  • On the next page, simply click on “enable
  • Now click on “Create Project
  • In doing so, you will have the list of all the projects you had created in the past. Click on the one you want to enable.

3. Create an API Key

In this step, we need to create a key for API.

  • Go to the Credentials page where you see the “Create Credentials” option
  • Select that and you will have a dropdown menu. From that menu, select the option that says “API Key

As soon as you click the menu, you will have a pop up of 39 alpha numeric characters. Copy the number and save it somewhere you can find later.

4. Create More Credentials

  • Once again from “Create Credentials”, choose another option that is “OAuth Client ID

Once you click on that, you will reach a page with several options with radio buttons.

  • Choose “Others” and proceed. In the box, give a name that you want or can remember easily

  • After naming, you need to click on “Create

Once this is done, you will get two keys; one is the CLIENT ID (45 alpha numeric characters and CLIENT Secret (24 alpha numeric character). Both the numbers will be succeeded by “apps.googleusercontent.com”.

5. Paste API Keys into YouTube

Now that you have got both the new and important keys required, you will need to sign in to your YouTube account which is played on Kodi YouTube plugin.

  • As you do so, you will be asked to go to youtube.com/activate and enter an 8 digit code displayed on the screen. You need to repeat it once more

  • After this, open the Sub Menu (YouTube Plugin). You will get a pop up with three options. Choose the option “Add-on Settings
  • You will reach a page which will have the option of “API Key
  • In this step, you need to enable the “Enable Personal API Keys” section

Remember, you had the two new keys and even your API key saved somewhere. Use them to fill the columns correctly.


These steps will help you like it had helped many in the past. Say goodbye to those annoying pop up messages that stood in the way of flawless YouTube Browsing. I hope you are happy to have known this procedure and it proved to be worthy to you and solved the Kodi YouTube Quota Exceeded error.

YouTube on Kodi is a popular thing and to have to live a single day without it can be nightmarish. This guide will help you and your friends in resolving this recurring issue in one go. Do share it if you think it’s helpful and keep visiting, Happy Browsing!

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