Longest Snapchat Streak: Tips to Increase Score (2023)

It has become a race today to beat the longest Snapchat Streak score and many people are looking for hacks as well. Are you one of those Snapchat maniacs who is intrigued and feel challenged once you set a huge streak score with your friend? Well, today I am here to give you a number that you can aim to beat and hold the record for the Longest Snapchat Streak.

People can actually just go on conversing and one day they might realize that they hold the world record for the longest Snapchat streak. Awesome, right? With the youth making the majority of its user base, we can assume that this trend has arisen from these young, fashionable, and trendy people. And the curiosity just kept on increasing as people came to know that Snapchat has been tracking how long they were speaking to their friends.


What is a Snapchat Streak?

Snapchat has revolutionized the way people communicate online and how they connect socially by adding some innovative incentives like Snapchat Streaks. When two people Snap at each other every day, they see how long they’ve kept up the streak next to the friend’s username. This is called the Snapchat streak score.

There is a lot of excitement and persistent efforts involved in reaching a high score here since if you miss a single day snapping your friend, the streak ends and you are back to square one. It’s also important that your friends is equally enthusiastic about this as well.

The goal is to: To hold the world record for the Longest Snapchat Streak and be the top swagger.

Tips to Increase Snapchat Streak Score Fast

People use this feature in an inhuman way. You read that right, they just go crazy and have been competing at an ultra high level with others to be the winner. It’s quite tough to get a friend onboard and become the highest Snapchat Streak record holder.

If you ask me, what’s the right time to start competing, I’d say it’s “RIGHT NOW!“. Given the current record (breaking in the next section), it would take you an average of 300+ days to break it. So here are some Snapchat Streak hacks which you can use to become a ninja at it:

  • Planning is a very important step here. Get a buddy who is in for the ride and is as enthusiastic as you are to get this done. If any one of you misses a day, it rules you both out of the game and you have to start afresh.
  • Don’t wait! If you have got something nice, just send it right away to your buddy. Waiting for the right time since your friend is at a job or if you are in the middle of something won’t help you. It takes 2 seconds to snap someone, so just do it.
  • Get more Snap buddies in order to increase the chances of you being able to win the title soon. Only choose the friends who are super excited to do this and would be willing to pull ends in order to win this.
  • Become a Nature lover: The more you live and look around you, the more you will have the opportunity to click solid snaps and send it to your buddies. Nature can be your best companion and adding some creativity can do wonders.

Longest Snapchat Streak Record

Current record of Highest Snapchat Streak is 829 which was last updated on 11th July 2017. The earlier record was of 814 that means current record is 15 days longer than the earlier one. You can check the proof here.

There was a thought-to-be world record of 1012 days which was not confirmed by official Snapchat staff as it was recorded on a Snapchat account that has since been banned for hacking the app code and breaking the T&C.

Snapchat Streak Score Incentives

1. Friend Emojis

If you are reading this post, you are probably a huge fan of Snapchat and if you are wondering what exactly is in here for you, you are in the right section. You will be unlocking the all new emojis from the recently introduced friend emoji system.

On the basis of levels of interaction with people in your list, you will be getting these emojis one by one. You will have to reach a certain Snapchat Streak score to unlock each one of these emojis.

2. Trophies

One more benefit or incentive of getting a high Snapchat Streak score is earning new trophies in your Trophy case. While you are on your journey to create a world record, you will get a lot of rewards in between.

Some of the recommendations by Snapchat itself say that if you use a filter in your Snap, you might win a trophy! Keep your snaps diversified and totally engaging, maybe use 2 filters at a time, use your front-facing camera to take 1000 snaps and you will get a new trophy. The key is to use as many features available as possible to unlock new secrets of Snapchat rewards.

Final Words

So this is it! I hope you are all set to start racing to win the longest Snapchat streak title by creating the highest score. The above tips will surely help you out to plan a good strategy in order to achieve this.

Comment below if you have more suggestions or if you have just hit a record Snapchat streak. I would like to know what’s your score. Share this guide with your buddies as well so they are on the same page. Cheers!

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