Merits And Demerits Of Machining Services

Machining is a process of removing small chips or excess material from the place of work, maybe a flat sheet or some other surface, using a cutting tool. A few years ago, the machinists crafted every single piece with perfection. This skill is still required if the same piece is to be produced with precision and high volume, you need computerized machines. If you want to participate in Machining Services as a Project Manager Turnweld Engineering would be a wise choice, because the engineers of this company follow some code of conduct—

  1. They are honest, genuine and ethical.
  2. They have a deep respect for their clients.
  3. They treat their customers with equity.
  4. They take responsibility for their actions.
  5. They focus on quality workmanship.

Purpose Of Machining Services:- 

It is a process of removing excess material from using cutting tools for getting rid of unwanted material from a surface, changing it into your desired shape. A large piece of stock may be a beam, bar, hollow tube or a flat surface is used for cutting. This process can also be performed for forging and casting. 

This company operates on Computer Numerical Controlled machining technology in short CNC precision engineering machining is a method of manufacturing items using pre-programmed computer software to control machining tools. This is very useful for complex processes like grinding, turning, milling, punching, and lathing and routing. etc. CNC is the dominant method of machining in the revolutionized industry. Therefore it is essential to know about the merits and demerits of using this technology


Works Continuously:-

The CNC machinery can work regularly without a break, unlike manual labour. (malfunction or issue related to maintenance)  cannot affect its working. This helps in increasing efficiency and productivity.


The computer software can perfectly replicate any given design with perfection for any quantity of orders. 

Less Skill Required:-

The CNC machinist required low skill and less training as compared to the manual operators. 

Few Workers Required:-

The software controls machinery, very few technicians are required, enhancing fewer expenses. 

Working Ability:-

This technology makes difficult and complex operations possible with precision and worker’s safety. 

More Flexible:-

This technology allows shifting as per the customer’s demands. The computer software can quickly and easily be reprogrammed to produce different parts.


Costly Investment:-

As compared to the manual machines, CNC machines are more costly. They need more investment than the manually operated machines.

Loss of Skill:-

As the manual operators are not in demand, very few new students and interested in adopting these skills. Hence, there is a loss of preserved skills.

Les Job Opportunities:-

The need for manpower has decreased due to automation. Very few labours are required now. To meet the need we will have to adjust now shifting to software and mechanical engineers, training and education.

After studying the merits and demerits of machining services we come to a conclusion that the merits of CNC machining far outweigh the demerits. To meet new challenges, with the advent of any new technology, we must anticipate adjustments and shifts.

Turn weld machining has the capability, efficiency, capacity and expertise to meet high demands. For machining needs contact them.

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