Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications Boosts Customer Engagement and the Bottom Line

Originally introduced to the global business network in the late months of 2016, Microsoft Dynamics 365 intelligent business applications software has proven itself a resource planning and customer relationship management solution for the 2020s and beyond. That is, according to many software consulting services experts operating in this post-COVID-19 global workplace.

Said to provide the “perfect customer” engagement experience by its engineers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a software system that consists of a number of cloud-based applications that are designed to support communication and dialogue with your clients and customers.

Included in the package are applications for marketing and sales, but that also incorporates software tools that specifically benefit field service, project management, and customer service. Large commercial construction businesses might want to take notice of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for their project management needs.

Solutions are said to be data driven. They bring processes, people, and automation high-tech together. They then analyze data, real-time and historical, that will then strengthen and inevitably maintain client relationships while fostering new ones.

Enhancing Client Relationships with Microsoft Dynamics 365

What was formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM), but is now known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE), was designed to assist you in managing your client relationships via centralizing client information, streamlining processes/tasks, providing crucial analysis, and finally, enabling superior responsive customer service.

Currently, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE is said to be the leading cloud-based organizational and business solution. The application was engineered to augment the efficiency of you marketing team with accurate data analysis, encourage more sales, plus provide smart insights with its built-in business intelligence and marketing/advertising campaign management.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE Assists Businesses

Statistics show that nearly 55 percent of customers possess higher expectations in 2021 than they did even five years prior. But with the right customer management software, a business can easily and even dramatically improve sales, service management, marketing and advertising, all while enhancing the client/customer experience.

How exactly does Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE assist your business with smarter marketing and the deliverance of a superior client experience? The keyword to the cloud-based application is “intelligence.” In other words, your customer engagement is said to be an intelligent experience.

In this manner, you can sell more effectively, market smarter and more efficiently than even a few years prior. It also helps you build and foster long term relationships with customers and clients.

The relationships are said to possess the three Ps.

Personalization: this is said to be an end-to-end, outcome-targeted relationship builder that’s initiated at “the right time and place.”

Proactive: The proactive application helps you determine that best type of interaction with your client, based on previous interactions.

Predictivity: Much like its ability to be proactive, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE will analyze external and internal data to look for patterns and therefore predict the right (or wrong) outcomes.

In the short and long-terms, Microsoft Dynamic 365 CE will actually help you reduce the costs of the doing business in the 2020s. It will increase overall profitability, improve your customer relationships, automate business processes and tasks, and of course, deliver big time on return on investment (ROI).

The application will not only improve your ROI, but it can drastically improve your “business agility” while reducing the complexity of IT. This is said to be the “main differentiator” for businesses and organizations when going with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud application.

Main Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE Benefits:

The application is said to improve your business’s overall efficiency when you introduce it in a “ready-to-go” cloud situation. It’s built to provide flexible and option-based licensing with plans that are subscription based. You can also remove and add user as you deem necessary and cost efficient.

Expenditures are reduced since there is no upfront licensing cost or a pesky recurring application license renewal procedure every year. There are no additional hardware costs or the need for maintaining a CRM server that’s dedicated entirely to the cloud software.

The business continuity process is said to be a smooth one with a 99.9 percent service agreement that’s entirely backed financially by the Microsoft organization. Data is secured by a five-layered security protection system, along with a “disaster recovery” application. It will also operate on the popular Microsoft Office 365 platform. That’s means it can combine CRM with all the benefits of Skype messaging along with Sharepoint.

What all this comes down to is this: by adding Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your cloud-based computing, you will be increasing the overall customer experience, while enhancing your annual bottom line. Something every business owner wants and needs.


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