12 Sites Like MP3Boo: Best Alternatives [2023]

If you are looking for free sites to download the latest MP3 music, then MP3Boo must be on your list. MP3 download websites are a breeze for people who like to just download albums or find a particular song and download it right away to their device. MP3Boo is one of its kind and we could download any number of albums or songs totally for free. It went down a few times back and people are always looking for sites like MP3Boo so they can use it as an alternative.


I myself am a very big music enthusiast and have been looking for other websites similar to MP3Boo and I have created a nice list. Today, I would like to share it with you all so you can enjoy these and your favorite music by downloading from them.


12 MP3Boo Alternatives

So without any further ado, let’s have a look at these 12 sites like MP3Boo compiled by me, that allow you to download latest mp3 music and albums.

1. Mp3Juices

Just like Mp3Boo, this site is quite convenient to find any song of your choice. It is as simple as typing a song name and then getting the results. You will also be suggested several other songs with the same “keyword”.

It has another highlight that can blow your mind; that is being able to play video too just like the way in LoudTronix. The songs can be easily downloaded or saved to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or even Dropbox. Isn’t that cool?

2. Mp]3INT

It is one of the simplest sites that are available for people to use. It doesn’t believe in the jazzy homepage, advertisement and sign up. You visit the site, search a song and get it to listen to. If you need to download an album of an artist, you can’t do that. Otherwise, it is a useful site for saving time in downloading music effortlessly.

3. LoudTronix

Something that everyone wants while searching for music is “no advertisement”. This is exactly what LoudTronix does. You encounter no advertisement and find great music easily. The site is easy to use and user-friendly. You will find music of every genre. One highlight of this site is the option of watching videos which is very unlikely to be seen elsewhere. It is one of the best alternatives to Mp3Boo for sure. On opening the site constantly from Chrome, you can add an extension of LoudTronix so that YouTube videos can be downloaded in the MP3 format.

4. SoundCloud

The platform was incepted in the year 2008 and since then, it is one of the most popular sites among music lovers. You not only search music of a wide variety and genres but also get connected to the artists from around the Globe. You share music, raw demos, podcasts etc. on this platform. You may be a music lover or a creator or both, this is the place you will love to for some amazing music. SoundCloud community doesn’t shy away from sharing feedback to the music creator. Many creators are earning through this platform by sharing with listeners.

5. eMusic

The site is accessible by using your Facebook credentials or Gmail. You get more features to enjoy on signing up. The unlimited storage available makes the downloading process seamless. Do you love music from across the world? This is the site to trust after Mp3Boo. You will get music from around the world with high-quality videos to watch.

6. InstaMP3

A site that is helpful from recently searched music list, InstaMP3 is the name. You can use the song keyword and find your favorite song in a few seconds. You need not sign up or come across an advertisement either. A simple site with usefulness promised.

7. Plixid

Life gets easier when things are organized and this is done by Plixid to the music fans. You not only the search box to put in your keywords but also have options to choose from categories sorted for you. You can even sort by the album name, artist name or genre; it depends on you. Yes, the site is a little complex comparatively but immensely helpful for sure.

8. Mp3Jam

It is a multi-faceted platform that allows you to download, listen and share music on various social media platforms. It is a free site and safe at the same time. There is more than 20 million song collection that a listener can pick from. The site is legal and therefore downloading any music from the platform is safe. Moreover, the site is optimized in such a way that you get the best quality music to download.

9. 7Digital

It is unconventional in nature. You get B2B service for customers along with direct to customer music stores. The options in which you can download the music available are 16 Bit, 24 Bit Flac Audio, Mp3 320, Mp3 256 and M4A. It has applications available for all operating system; Android to iOS to Blackberry to Firefox.

10. 2Wavvy

It is universal that you get music to download that have already released but what about the music that is yet to release? You will get albums and music which are not yet released. You have the option to try before you decide on buying. This way, you have access to free music. The leaks, as well as downloads available, are absolutely free.

11. IsraBox

Use the turbobit link on the site to download music for free. Type a name of the song and get the music downloaded without any hassle. Choose from the genres available and have mind-blowing music for listening to later. Many sites don’t offer the option of downloading a full album but here you do get that option. Here’s a catch, you need to subscribe in order to download. With the turbobit link, you get it for free.

12. Download Albums

Be it any genre, you get the music for free. On clicking the thumbnail, you get the songs of your favorite artist in the wink of an eye. You will be redirected to Rapidgator so that you can download your choice of music. It is that simple!


Mp3Boo is a site that people are fond of. However, there are sites that can prove to be worth browsing through for impeccable music collection and that too for free. Each of the sites is easy to navigate and simple to use.

Which one is your favourite site? Leave a comment below! Finding music can’t get any better. You will have options that can make you blind. While using any of the sites, be specific about what you want. You will be glad to have known about the sites. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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