Platform Shoes and Why you Should Wear Them to a Rave

If you have ever been to rave then you understand the effects it has on your feet, from walking a lot to standing mostly the entire time to getting stepped on constantly our feet take a major beating. 

It would make sense to wear something comfortable right? But as humans we chose fashion over comfort. We wouldn’t be caught dead in some raggy old tennis shoes that would kill the outfit that we spent weeks planning. 


Platform Shoes vs heels 

I’m sure your thinking platform shoes aren’t those a thing from the 70’s that my mother wore to the disco? Well yes, but they are actually making a huge comeback. 

Platform shoes are a hybrid between shoes and high heels. They give you the height of a heel but with the comfort of a shoe. 

I’m sure you’ve worn high heels before. And I’m sure that you felt uncomfortable at one point or another. Heels are terrible for back support and at a rave you’re dancing all night long walking around from set to set and it’s just all around uncomfortable, But heels look cooler and can go with your outfit better than a tennis shoe. 

So that’s where a platform shoe comes in. You are able to have the comfort of a shoe, but with the height of a heel.

Pros of a platform shoe 

We might not think of it but there is actually a huge upscale to wearing platform shoes to a rave. 

    • Height– Wearing a platform shoe can give you a 2 in difference over a high heel ensuring that you can see better over everyone in front of you. If you’ve ever been to a rave you know that feeling when you cant see the dj or the screen because of tall people in front of you. 
    • Better back and foot support. Platform shoes give you better back support and that is key to having a fun night and fun weekend and not being in pain after. They are also amazing on your feet and give the balls of your feel better support ensuring that your feet aren’t in pain after the rave is over.
    • Less chance of getting stepped on. You know that at a rave its dark people are constantly trying to get closer to the dj with their rave familys or “rave train” the most annoying thing is when your dancing and someone steps on you. It also hurts. But with platform shoes thats a thing of the past.
    • Adds to your outfit– We know that you probably spent a lot of time planning your outfit. After all we want to be best dressed The best thing about platform shoes is that they come in different colors and an assortment of styles. You will almost be guaranteed to find a shoe that goes with your outfit 


  • Safety- Making sure that your safe is very important. The best thing about platform shoes are that you have the added height of a heel, but don’t have to worry about sinking in the dirt or falling due to your high heels giving out. Also because the platform is so big you do not have to worry about anything penetrating the shoe.



So for your next rave give a platform shoe a try and see how much it changes your entire raving experience.

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