Plumbing Tips And Hacks You Must Know/ Fix Your Kitchen And Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Plumbing is one area of our homes that is very crucial and needs proper maintenance. The systems can be found in just about all areas of the house; the washrooms and bathrooms, showers, kitchen, outside the house, and just about in all areas and parts of the compound.

This includes drains, sinks, and more. And, for this reason, having a plumbing issue is one of the most dreaded problems one can encounter. But it is inevitable. Since it is always the most used part, it is common to have simple issues like clogged sinks, low-pressure showers, hairy drains, and such.

But sometimes, the frustration could be intimidating. And in this case, is when you most definitely need professional help from plumbers and plumbing contractors like the ones you can find at . But before you get to that point, below are some tricks and hacks to deal with plumbing issues around your home.


Plumbing Tips You Need to Know

If you ever have a clogged sink, smelly drain, or even leaking pipes, you can use some expert tips to fix them check them out below;

The Thread Tape

Threading tape is the most commonly used solution when it comes to leaking pipes. The mere thought of replacing an entire pipe just because of a tiny breakage is just unrealistic. Use a roll of thread tape over the damaged spot or area and easily fix the mess.

But there are some key principles you need to follow if at all you want to help yourself; invest in quality and thicker thread tape, use the tapes only on pipe threads, not compression fittings, make sure to always wrap the tape at least three times, and wrap it in a clockwise direction.

How to Fix Clogged Drains

More often than not, you will always have a drainage problem multiple times in a short period of time; it is always a pain in the neck. Even fixing it yourself is messy and always hurts, just thinking about it. But this doesn’t stop it from happening and happening often.

You need at least a tool or two to go about this; a shaft pick-up tool can help you do the job. A vacuum, wet or dry, can also come in handy when you need to fix a clogged drain. Just make sure you understand how to use drain snakes, lest you damage your pipes. The last thing you anticipate is causing even bigger problems.

Fixing Stuck Pipes

This could be hectic. But not to mean it is impossible to fix it yourself. Apply some heat where the pipes connect, a blow torch is recommended in this. However, this can only be used on metallic connections. Using a blow torch on plastic pipes may result in hazards.

While doing this, always make sure to use a heat-resistant cloth to protect the surrounding areas from the flames. One safety tip; you can only use this hack on water and waste pipes, never on fuel lines.

Low-Pressure Shower

It could be really frustrating when you are trying to quickly get ready for work but your shower is not complying. If the pressure of the showerhead has gone down than it was before, it might need fixing. Here is the DIY; grab a plastic bag full of white distilled vinegar and using an elastic, place and keep it on the showerhead. Any mineral and elements formed in the showerhead would be dissolved by the vinegar, restoring the original pressure.


Plunging is also an effective way of clearing drains and sinks with minor clogging issues. You can use a sink plunger to clean the sink traps.

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