Is Popcorn Time Safe & Legal? [Review]

If you are one of those can’t afford Netflix, then you probably have Popcorn Time installed on your computer systems. Don’t hate me, but most of the time what I said is true. But is Popcorn Time safe and legal to stream pirated content?

This app was launched in 2014 and took the whole world by surprise when it made possible to watch movies and TV shows for FREE right on all your mobile devices. However, even today a lot of questions have always been asked by people about this torrent client.

In this Popcorn Time review, I will be talking about everything you need to know which includes it’s brief introduction, the attractive features, if it’s trustworthy, how to be safe while using this app and I’ll also recommend a few alternatives for you to try out. Let’s get on with it!


What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn time is a application that allows you to stream movies or TV shows using Torrents. It’s popularity has skyrocketed since 2014 and people love it for it’s ad-free & super intuitive user interface, latest HD videos that can be streamed under minutes and the fact that it provides it all, totally for free of cost.

It has been called the “Netflix for Pirates” by TorrentFreak. The developer said that since using and downloading content using Torrents was not everyone’s cup of tea, the idea was to create something which could be as easy to access and use as Netflix.

Within a few months, it was launched and it allowed users to stream hundreds of latest or old movies just with the click of a button in HD quality with all language subtitles. However, the journey of Popcorn time has been bumpy but they finally relaunched last year in May 2016 with their newest update and have kept their roots strong since then.

The developers call themselves “Pochoclin“, a friendly mascot to the real world. The community has grown to over 50+ contributors on Github today and is being polished with new features and advancements at a very quick rate on a frequent basis.

Popcorn Time is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS platforms, so no matter what device you are on, you can use this app right away.

Features of Popcorn Time

There are some great features of this app which you should know before you start using it. Check out them below:

  • It is updated regularly with the latest and hot movies or TV shows from the popular torrent websites
  • All the videos are available for streaming in multiple qualities including full HD 1080p
  • You can choose to browse content from different categories as well (Genre, Popular and more)
  • No need to download movies, you stream the media as you go, all you need is a proper Internet connection
  • You can activate subtitles in almost any language, it will search the web to get it for you

Is Popcorn Time Safe?

Coming to the main question which all the Popcorn time users want an answer to. We are going to talk about it’s safety and legality in this section. Below are some facts you need to realise about this application.

  • Downloading Popcorn Time on your system is not illegal
  • It’s not unsafe to install this app on any of your devices, since it’s totally ad/malware/virus free
  • Although it doesn’t download movies or TV shows, there is always a small part of the video which is being uplaoded (seeded) from your computer system

Back in 2014, there were many users who received copyright infringement letters from various movie makers (Voltage Pictures, Warner Bros). Popcorn time also has a disclaimer on their official website which show the message as shown in below image.

So it is okay to say that, Popcorn Time is safe to download and install but not 100% legal to use without taking any precautions.

While all this chaos will just continue to build up, no matter what it’s necessary to find a safe route using which we can be away from all this blunder. I have found a simple way which will allow us to never ever be compromised in any legal actions or problems.

Pro Safety Tip for Popcorn Time Lovers

When a person views any copyrighted material for free, it is illegal indeed. So in order to use Popcorn time app safely, you need to hide your identity and be anonymous the whole time.

…How to do this? Well, all you need is to install a trusted VPN!

I personally use IPVanish since over 3 years now and having tested and used 10+ VPNs since I started using the Internet, I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who is looking for a trusted and reasonably priced VPN with best performance. Check out the best deal below and grab it now and liberate yourselves from all tensions.

Download Popcorn Time App

If you are looking to download the app, you can just visit the official Popcorn Time website and find the download links to your preferred operating system/devices.

There are separate download links for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux users so it shouldn’t be an issue to locate them.

Popcorn Time Alternatives

As millions love this app, there has to be options since it has history of being taken down multiple times in the last 3 years. Here are some of the alternatives which you can look out for:

  • Showbox
  • Playview
  • Rox Player
  • MovieHD
  • Hulu

Final Words

With this, we come to the end of this comprehensive review of Popcorn Time app. I hope you got many insights on different aspects like how to be safe, the benefits, alternatives and the background of this amazing app.

In my opinion, this is one of the greatest apps out there to watch movie or TV shows, since it’s so EASY to get along with it. Netflix is the best, sure but with the given advantages, this is a great option for masses around the world. The new updated website seems to be stable so that’s a promising comeback from them.

If you have any queries or doubts related to anything, let me know below in the comments section. I will be happy to guide you.

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